Ok I have 2 questions

  1. I’m trying to get some clones I have 2 that are 2 1/2 weeks old when should I transplant to a larger pot there in solo cups now
  2. I have 2 plants in the veg tent under bluple lights and want to switch them over to 12/12 and then in one month move them over to the flower tent with qb132 lights will this work?

As soon as the clones have decent roots you can transplant. As far as changing the lights during flower, you will have to acclimate the plants to the intensity of the QB’s but you will be early in flower so you should be OK. You do not want to shock the plant through or it may hermie.


These are 2 plants that I have had in the veg tent for 2 months now the clones I’m going to give to my neighbors they want to start growing and I just thought great. The clones I have in soil so it’s kind of hard to tell if they have roots yet next time I try to clone I’ll use clear sold cups in side colored cups so I have a better handle on what the roots are doing

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Got a picture? Clones look pretty scruffy until they take off but it’s easy to see if they have started new growth.

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Adding holes around the bottom 1/4" of the cup will help it drain.
A soldering iron, a heated up awl or screwdriver will easily make the holes.


I took fingernail clippers and cut slots all the way around the bottom about 1/4” apart so there’s about 20 around the bottom edge


There is no new growth so this would be the best way to tell if there rooted good I was just worried there in to small of a pot


A couple of observations: best to trim off half of the leaf mass to help it focus on rooting. You need some leaves to maintain capillary action and sugar production. Having a small amount of leaves makes it easier for the plant to recover. Until rooted the leaves are your primary source of liquid uptake so a dome is a great idea.

I would say they are rooted but be careful of your watering. You can also loosen the plant up in the cup and slip it off briefly to look at the root mass.


Man I watered them and they perked up really nice I’m thinking I might have just gotten my first clones. So I can now get my neighbors started into growing :grinning:

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so can I just put one of these in the flower tent with out getting it used to the QB lights and the clones are looking good perking up real nice

The clones I’m giving to my neighbors so they can start growing