Oh boy that worked nice

My first rosin press worked nicely I think :blush: I pressed a compressed keif puck maybe 3/4 gram not much but it worked. The Tarik plus a trigger clamp is what I used.


After the press the rest is child’s play :blush: e-liquid from pressed keif. Not the cleanest but ok for a first try

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My first draw on a vape pen and I like it :heart::heart:

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Just a observation not judging at all cus I’ll tell you I’ve done the same.

Your iron looks a little hot, what’s your temp reading? 220-250? Try setting back but not far like 200-210

I was pressing kief a few weeks ago and was trying something new where I set it to 230 and as I placed the bag in I dialed both plates back to 190. Bumped the press for about a minute on the bag to kinda (not quite sure seen some guy do it and thought “shit his % is amazing do it)

But he gets the plates right to the point where it’s going to smash the bag but then does a half pump for a minute then sets it into place

So I did that crap all while the plates were reducing in temp but initial temp started the release of the rosin. Then I crushed and and set up for about a minute or so at 190 and let it ride. What came out was pretty golden goo

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I felt like I needed a bigger press when I did mine how about you @Carol4486?

Is there something special about a press vs bho

Butane hash oil uses (Captin obvious) butane as its extraction method. Where the press uses (again captn) pressure with heat to extract it.

The main reason not to smoke bho is the solvent that is left behind can eventually have serious side effects. People have reported pneumonia like systems . If it’s crackling there still chemical in your product.

I always try to put a top quality product out to my customers even if it’s a loss of quantity


Ahhh ok

Of course I want a bigger press but I don’t need one. I’m satisfied for now with this method but down the road I may want to build a press of my own😊


I’ve been eyeing up a hydraulic 10 ton

My 1 ton does a ok job but I can see what’s being left behind in the micro bags of the kief I’m squeezing.

I use 90 micron bags and a pre press box to get them prepped. Then hit them with a bag sealer and in they go

Getting a 20-25% return but see others getting closer to 50. I’ll try again with fresher material but I’d say if your happy with what you got keep it going!

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