OG Kush vs. Northern Lights, help please!

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

"Hi there trying to choose a strain to use for rick simpson oil an indica …OG kush spunds a bit intense ? Northern light is an indica ? …hellppp!!

Ok so I have deducted we need the purest indica we can get can anybody help with that as we don’t have 12 weeks to grow from seed at this point …stage 3 or 4 metastasized lymphoma …help please reputable grower with purest indica strain example kush etc up to 1 lb for Rick Simpson oil …"

They sell a pure indica strain on the website. That would be the purest indica right?

I’ve done Og Kush but 12 weeks is cutting it close even with an auto. It’s an easy plant to grow and a moderate yield. Supposed to be good for pain relief and migraines etc. I find it more uplifting and less couch lock. Have not tried Northern Lights.

I have a northern lights auto that’s almost ready… So I can’t really say how the high is as I haven’t harvested it. I will say it grew very quick in my dwc set up. Popped from seed may 5th and only has a couple weeks left, and that’s because I’m trying to get the tricombs supppppper ambery. I could definitely cut down now. Purpleish buds, lots of orange hairs. That might be best for your 12 week dead line

I think their looking to buy a pound not grow it.
If I looking at strains to by that are pure indica
I would go original Afghan
But I don’t sale any form of weed