Ocean's grow bb kush/mango kush

Welp…after a month of building out my room, i finally am at the point that i can safely start my grow…and what arrived today?

And so were off to the races! I am not new to growing by any means, but i am new to growing cannabis after a 20+ year hiatus :grin:


Everything’s all set, so I will be dropping 2 or ea in exactly 6.5 water :slight_smile:

My only concern right now is the shipping times for my HLG 260’s but I do have 2 of the mars hydro ts1000’s to use until those arrive, and I shouldn’t need those for a few/5 weeks at least so I got time…and should something go wrong with the shipping I can get my hands on a few other locally sold options should the need arise!

Just gonna tag a few I follow on here in case someone has suggestions for me as I go.

@Hellraiser @Happilyretired @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410. Thanks in advanced fellas!!


Day 1


I’m gonna tag along as well, that is, if you don’t mind :+1:t2: :v:t2:

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No prob, enjoy it!


All right :+1:… Looks like you’re on your way. I’m set to watch…


Still building my tent and accessories. Im down to watch!!! Happy growing!


Sweet! Best of luck!

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Good luck with your growing!

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Day 2:
Dropped seeds in water yesterday at 4pm Left in dark at 78F over night, it is now 8am the next day so we are at 16 hour mark and both pairs have dropped:

And the mango:

So I prepared and fully saturated (using only water with no amendments (although I probably should have used a little “Yucca wet”). The should for this is Fox Farms Light Warrior:

After water saturation, I gently placed each seed about 1/4-1/2” down using a pencil to make the holes, and then lightly brushed the medium back over the seeds ensuring each one was protected from the direct light.

Then placed the tray into my seedling cabinet and measured out the light intensity:

After some research I found between 5,000 to 7,000 lux is beat for seedlings, so playing with my light height and dimmer… exactly 24” with the mars hydro at 60% gave me right around 7,500 lux at the top of my cups:

I just use a simple cell phone downloaded app called “light meter”. Is this perfect? No, not by no means but it gives me a little piece of mind and helps take the “what if” out of my mind. Can’t take a pic and measure or I’d show that :confused:

So here we go…temp right around 81F with RH steadily between 61-62%

And here is a sneak peek at where their final spot will be when they are ready. These are 5gal square fabric pots, and I’ll be using the plastic trays that go under a dish drying rack so that all run off drains away And they are not sitting in it soaking it up. This way I can collect runoff as needed to measure, and I use a garden “pump” sprayer with reg tap water to rinse the residual toward the drain…cleanliness is the goal!!


I usually put some sort of humidity dome over them cut off water bottle or a clear solo cup whatever you got, It helps keep the soil moist around the plant for the young root system so you don’t have to spray it with a spray bottle so often, it works really good for the first week or so of growth…:+1::v:


I thought about that, but honestly I don’t see the need. My humidity is already high in general, and I clone and start pepper plants almost weekly without a dome. I spose if I don’t see a sprout in a few days at least I may have to :man_shrugging:


Day 3 from soaking seeds ( and About 27hours From dropping into the fox farm light warrior) :

Could only see the one (BBK) as I did not want to move them around at all. Soil is still very moist and temps are still 81, RH is 51%

BBK #2:

And Mango K 1:

Don’t see anything from Mango K 2…but alas it hasn’t been long at all lol

@Hellraiser what is that insecticide you use during flower? Living on an isolated island, I have to order shit way in advanced as the local selections are nil…so I need to prepare for that stage should I need it.

Really trying hard to capture the “breakthrough“ moment…

Aza max up to about two weeks of flower then Captain Jack’s dead bug and BT or Monterey BT during flower…
These work really well for me outdoor I’m not sure what kind of insect problem you’re gonna have where you’re at indoor… If you wind up with fungus gnats BT works really good for those or you can buy mosquito bits sprinkle them on top of the soil …

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Yep,all this stuff.

Start of day 4 (fri sept 11, 645am) Mango #1:

Top of the soil starting to look a little dry, but the cups are all still weighted so there is plenty of water still. Did just a light (2 squirt) spray of some RO water just to moisten the top layer. Hoping by the end of the day the other 3 break ground.

Light I’m using is the Marshydro ts1000 at 24” set to about 60%, running 24/7 no off time.

Kinda wish I had a time lapse video set up as I think it would be cool to see the first 24hours.

Btw, I’m using this journal for myself to track just as much as I am to share :slight_smile:

Same plant, 4 hours later:

2 others popping up faster now too, but one of the Mango kush plants is still hiding :confused: