Nutrient burn, yellowing leaves

I had a miscalculation on the amount of flowering nutrients I used for my last feeding on this unknown outdoor sativa strain that is 4 months in and currently in mid flowering stage. About a day after the feeding I started to notice a yellowing of some of the fan leaves. How many days should I wait before feeding her again? Its been around 5 days now and I have been flushing her once a day for 5 days.

The leaf damage will not repair itself. You should be fine to start feeding again.

My question is if your already have nutrient burn how do you tell how to fertilize going forward? All my buds have burn tips n slight yellow around the leaves. I don’t know what to do now. If leaves never repair, since it’s evenly around whole plant how do I know if I give more or less or when???

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Do you test your runoff? That should give you an indication of where you are at. If you have been flushing for 5 straight days, she might be hungry.