Nostril's Next: 5 outdoors in fabric pots

Dropped seeds today. All ILGM seeds.

  • OG Kush
  • Amnesia Haze
  • Gold Leaf
  • Big Bud
  • Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

I’m growing them in 10 gallon Vivosun fabric pots for a few reasons:

  1. Limit overall size
  2. Protection from pocket gophers
  3. Ability to place in a more “private” location
  4. Potential to move one or two into my tent to force early flower

They’ll be put into FFOF and fed regularly with FF nutes, as I did indoors.

Photos to come once there’s something to see. Fun ahead!


I don’t grow outdoors, but happy to follow along. Best of luck!


i’m in @nostril
be careful bringing them in like that,the chance of you bringing bugs into your grow is high…
i’ve been there,and the bugs almost wrecked my grow!


I’m in @nostril I love watching stuff grow outside, it gets yuuge!


Good point. No predators to get the bugs in the tent, I guess?

I plan to use a variety of training methods just to have some fun and learn. Plus, solar power!


So far, I have GSC Extreme, Amnesia Haze, and Big Bud up and growing. Infants, but looking decent. I planted a SSH seed (light in color and weight) that came from my summer harvest with very low expectations. Otherwise I have two left to sprout.

Meanwhile, I made 100 “00” capsules today, half with 1ml Chocolope oil and the other half with 1ml Gold Leaf oil. Those have been a really great method for dosing.


Update: all five have officially sprouted! I’ll let them grow a bit before directly potting up into the 10 gallon pots.


I didn’t mention it above for reasons that might be obvious, but I treated these seeds the same way I did last summer’s SSH. I put them directly in soil in seed starting cells and kept them warm and with available light. I didn’t pre-soak or anything.

Everything sprouted, so I’m happy with that. OG Kush is the tiny girl, she was last to sprout and doesn’t look terribly happy. We’ll see about that. Big Bud and GSCX (bottom right, top left) will likely be potted up tomorrow.


Moving them into the big planters now. They look tiny but that likely won’t last long! Roots developing well.


now time to watch them grow!!

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They look fantastic!

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Things are moving along. Amnesia Haze looks a little unhappy, and OG Kush is slow going. But we had a cool snap and are about to get hot so I’m thinking they’ll improve this week. My irrigation water is pretty alkaline, so I’m going to have to keep an eye on them. My garden soil is acidic clay, and I think that buffered the alkaline water when I grew last year. It’s possible I’ll have to move these into the ground, because I’m going to keep them on drip all summer.


Fimmed all but OG Kush. Coming along.


I’m back from a two week vacation. Everything still alive thankfully, but there are some issues. Most urgently, my amnesia haze plant appears to be getting shredded by something. I’m about to soap it and inspect carefully, but it looks like it’s also going to flower.

Picture below. Any chance it’s flowering due to stress? Or potentially just an accidental auto seed in my bag?

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My other four plants looking OK. Some minor issues but nothing like Amnesia.


It’s possible the added stress sped it up, but I don’t have enough experience to know. @nostril hope you kill what’s eating her.

Thanks, man. Looks like other plants in my garden are also being attacked. Haven’t found what it is but the damage is pretty significant. :frowning:

Could be grasshoppers or something larger. Hard to say, but whatever it is, it’s hungry and a larger leaf eater. @nostril


Hi @nostril do you have spinosad or something similar to fend off the bugs? I took a visit to the local hydrostore yesterday and had a good chat with the fellow who helped me get started. He said now is the time to start spraying once a week, not to wait. Alternate between spinosad and BT, with an emphasis on the spino at first. Also spray the BT just before dark since the UV kills it but you’ll get the night biters this way.

I’m gonna do it…lost too much of last years crop to the moths…it might help you too.


Thanks. I’m going to use bt (which I already have) this evening and will pick up some spinosad. The blooming is throwing me for a loop, too. Not that I mind with four more plants in action…