Northern lights week 7 of flowering with damp weather forecasted

So I am into week 7 of flowering of an amazing New England season. My Northern Lights are 9 foot tall with small ears of corn sized buds…thanks to a consistent fertilization program of Fox Farm. This strain was supposed to be 48 inches tall!!!
I am getting some mold on some buds now and am pinching off when I see it. But with 9 foot plants, that is not so easy.
My trichomes are still semi clear and my pistols are 20 % dark. I’ve smoked a few early harvest buds and the high is really speedy and pretty intense.
We are enjoying Indian summer with 70’s during the day and high 50’s at night. Unfortunately the forecast for later next week is for lots of rain and I’m concerned about mold and rotting buds.

Should I harvest before next weeks’ rains or wait for further development and take a chance on more bud rot??


Welcome to the forum! I am right there with you. I am in northern MA. Between caterpillars chewing into my buds and the bud rot, I am cutting out several buds a day. I’d like to get bat least two weeks more in before I harvest, but I don’t think I’ll make it without significant loss.


Feel for ya. Had to cut mine short again this year do to rot as well. :wink::v:

IBeautiful plants! I’m in SE Mass, trying to get my three Afghan Kush over the finish line with I’d guess a week to go. Have had to fight caterpillars, mildew, spider mites and bud rot. Now I know why my buddy in the industry says commercial outdoor grows in Massachusetts will not be successful, it’s like dealing with the ancient plagues of Egypt, LOL. Fortunately I’ve caught all these issues as soon as they crop up and I haven’t lost more than 1% of the crop so far.

Mildew and bud rot have been kept mostly at bay with a few applications of peroxide, the latest today after I found limited bud rot on my biggest cola (pic below, after I cut out the bad section). Captain Jack took care of the bugs. At about 40-50% brown pistils on the higher up flowers and thinking I have about a week left before harvest. Just now seeing some amber trichomes through the microscope, and am looking to get at least one of the plants overripe for nighty-night effect and high CBD content, so maybe a couple weeks for that one.

Given that the weather forecast for the next week calls for more unseasonably warm temps, I’m actually thinking of pulling the girls into my air-conditioned sunroom for the duration and keeping them cool and dry. Thoughts?

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Might I suggest a two-tier harvest? You could remove branches in anticipation of rain to open up and air any areas that might be subject to mold after a rain. Spraying peroxide on the plant, even when it’s raining would be helpful too. (Walmart has it for $.88/quart). Covering the plant to reduce the amount of rain falling on it will help. If you are conscientious about it you ought to do fine.

Plan on a bud wash when you harvest.


Myfriendis410, I’m guessing your advice is for Ta the original poster, as his plants are much more lush than mine –


No personal info allowed friend. Should edit it out. :+1:

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I have the same concerns so I covered the whole crop

so far still good kinda need a couple more weeks .


Hi There Oldguy,

Thanks for the peroxide tip. is there any danger spraying peroxide a week or 2 before harvesting? And do I have to wash the buds before drying them if I spray now? That i dont know how to do…

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U should be able to spray right up till harvest. And the wash is 1 cup peroxide 3% to 5 gal water. Rinse in clean water then hang.
There are threads here. Search “ bud wash at harvest “. :v:

thank you.

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Just read about the peroxide water bath to clean.

So you are suggesting spraying 1 cup per 5 gallons of water and then the same formula to wash them afterwards before hanging up?

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Sorry. :roll_eyes:. No. Lol. 50/50 mix peroxide / water for spray. :wink::+1:

To clarify 50/50 spray and then 1 cup per 5 gallons for final wash?


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I believe that’s the info he was passing along.

50% pistils turned seems pretty early, that’s likely why you have such a speedy buzz. I like the idea of doing what you can to let them get close as possible. Removing rot, peroxide sprays, protecting from rain will all help.

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Hi I gave half of my buds a 50/50 application of peroxide/H2O spray last night. It rained a lot overnight and im thinking of harvesting some more tonight. Do i need to wash what I just sprayed or is that not necessary ( and did last nights rain do enough to wash the peroxide off?)

With more rain coming, Id like to apply more peroxide tonight…

Well, I tried the Peroxide spray but caught it too late. 4 plants were pretty badly

molded out. Tomorrow off to the dump…sad day in paradise. Im down to one last beauty…a late budder that is mold free. Mother Nature can be cruel to farmers.

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Frost advisory tonight in my area. I am chopping tonight! Best of luck