Northern Lights Flower - 2nd Installment - SCROG

My soil carried them until flower. The soil is pretty rich and I was concerned with burning them too.

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Good job bro…pistil action is the best indicator you have to determine bud size currently, internode spacing is near spot on…I see a lot of dense frost in your near future…:sunglasses::v:

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Thanks. I wish the others stretched as much as the larger one to have more of the buds above the net. I have kept the canopy cleaned up and they get good light penetration.
This is one of the shorter ones. A lot going on below the net


You know how genetics go, no 2 are the same, for bottoms, those are cool…if you do samples…:sunglasses::v:


@beardless that is some quality bud porn!
Please stop tempting me to flip the switch! I’m not ready!!!
Those buds are stunning!

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Bring you up to date 7/20 photos
A couple of overhead shots.
She is the tallest

Frosty #5

#5 is moving faster than the others

I thought I had better take a quick look at her trichomes

I can’t say I have seen this before. A lot of color / pigment of some sort

And a quick look at a sugar leaf cutting for comparison. Nothing going on yet.

Over all I think they are moving along nicely

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Some nice fat buds coming your way my friend, looking awe…:sunglasses::v:

Dude those are just loaded. Very nice grow. You gonna be busy come harvest in a good way. :grin::call_me_hand::+1:

Interesting color there?

I want some! Very nice!

Gonna be that sticky icky

Today was supposed to be a feed day but decided against it. The runoff reading from 7/16 watering were consistently lower than I wanted / expected. ph / ppm / EC
The previous feed reading’s ph were 6.5 - 6.7. I was particularly concerned with #5. She is maturing faster than the others and I assume she just isn’t requiring the same amount of nutrients as the others (Am I interpreting this correctly?).
Therefore decided to use distilled water today and get good runoff numbers
Here they are
You can see #5 ph was low at 6.2 and her ppm / EC were OR (over range) meaning 5000 / 5.0.
Yikes - it looks like a little / lot of build up to me. Gave her another gallon of 7.5 tap water. Got a good 32 oz of runoff. I like the last set of numbers much more.
I am not sure why #1’s ppm are so high.
Do you think I am on track for the home stretch. Day 49 on 12/12


Looking good I was wondering how your plants where doing. Curious what others will say of number 5. Nice job on the grow log How did you make that spread sheet ?
I should have started one but I tell myself I will remember lol
Yea right
Hows your pup?

The surgeons did a fantastic job. She is doing well thanks for asking. A long recovery in front of her so it gives me the excuse to sit in the recliner next to her and let her know I am there.
Here is a snip of the headings and some of the beginning entries. It is a simple excel schedule.

I used to keep my notes in a binder but they were very inconsistent and hard to find anything.
The far right columns I note temp & RH and code if RH is within / under / over VPD schedule from Scynce. I have a laptop in my lab so it is easy to enter stuff as I am doing it.


Interesting to see if it will be in other samples that I take going forward. Have you seen any thing similar? I have seen a couple posts mentioning black or purple.
Do you think I am interpreting #5 ph / runoff numbers correctly?

Nice good to hear

No I personally have not, but then again, Ive seen many things that Ive never seen before too! As for your PH… it is what it is at testing, it seems as though you have a solid grasp on how deal with it.


I have one scrawny looking plant. I did a run off today and ppm was 940 and ph of 7.5
Every other time ph was in the low 6
I just topped dress with FF strawberry fields and added FF fruit and flower. Did I mess up ?

not sure what your ppm should be but seems low if you are in living soil. The ph is wacky though. How about other plants?
Is this one any different in terms of soil, applications, top dressings or amendments?

Others average run off 1900 but ph is 7.5.
All got the same top dressing
I think the Ff fruit an and flower raised the ph of the run off
I’m going to check ph of soil when the lightS come back on