Northern Light Feminized - poor germination results

I am attempting to germinate Northern Lights Feminized seeds as per instructions received with the order. Unfortunately my first attempt with 3 seeds yielded no germination. Plants were soaked on October 4th and seeded the day following in seedling soil in peat pots, kept moist with a sprayer (distilled water), and kept at between 24C and 28C under T5 HO grow lights on 18/6 cycle. After no results by October 16 I attempted 3 more seeds using the same approach. This time I have one germination confirmed on October 22. Not sure if I got a bad batch of seeds (I ordered 10) or if perhaps I’m missing something here. Would like to know before I try the remaining seeds. I also ordered some Super Skunk Feminized so perhaps I’ll try some of those as well.

If you follow directions of peat pellets; You would do an initial soak of pellets; Then you would not add any moisture until seeds sprout. Perhaps you are too moist, drowning the seeds.

I have used the Jiffy pellet method with a high success rate. The key is to follow the directions. Jope this helps. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m not using peat pellets, I’m using seedling starter soil in pots as per instructions. The pots happen to be made of peat. The directions provided did not call for peat pellets, but I guess I could give them a try.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Sorry; Legally blind. I see you wrote peat pots with seed starting mix. That should work. However; I would read and follow the directions for successful germination using peat pellets, in order to gain knowledge of using the peat pots to maximum effect. Good luck :slight_smile: