Northern Cali Grow 3 White Widow Autoflower

We are doing a few grows at once. We are trying to overlap our grows so we are producing a finish product every 4 weeks. We decide to go back to the autoflowers. We do not get a heavy yield but are able to produce good yields and a variety of strains. We went back to White Widow Autoflower, the same as our first grow. We had good experience and the autoflowers are a bit easier till we get our grows in a different place. We also downsized in the amount of plants in each grow. We dropped back to 10 seeds, sprouting them and hope for the best. The 3rd grow produced 8 plants. and we are in the early flower stage. The pic was taken on 12 12 17 I missed out on documenting early stages.


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We have two more grows going. More White Widow Autoflower 8 more plants. They are ending the veg state. I will include a pic below. We also have some Amnesia Haze going, we got a 100% survival rate and we will be transplanting once the roots show at the bottom of the peat pots. This will be second pic.


look at you go
lmao nice job buddy WooHoo
happy growing CB

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Looking good!

Have you looked into cloning any? Seems like it would be an effective way for you to save some money on seeds. If you’re not as concerned with yields and such yet, photo period plants on like 3-4 weeks veg fill produce as much or more than the average autoflower, and finish just as fast.


We were going to start but run into some things out of our control so we decided to wait a bit, but yes cloning will be the way we will go!

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That stuff happens to all of us at some point, just keep on keepin on!

It’s a piece of cake. You may loose a few when you start but you get the hang of it pretty quick. In my opinion, it’s the best way to go when you’re looking for perpetual harvest.