Non-couch lock Painkiller strain

Anyone know which strains are best for active daytime yet are solid nerve damage pain killers?

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no, I don’t @DownUnderGuy but if you get that figured out tag me please!

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I don’t have nerve damage, but Blue Dream is a very good medical strain, it’s amazing, purple trainwreck are some that help with my pain and do the want take you lay around. Both are both good day times for me. Hope this helps brother


Was considering Blue dream for my next purchase glad to hear it is a good daytime strain thanks @Hawkeye_diesel

I have a medical marijuana reference book and I will look it up for you tonight or by tomorrow AM.

Actually just found a article that might help ! Good luck. Jerry

Actually you can effect any strain be more couch lock or not by how you finish them.

List of MMJ Strains That Help Pain

White Widow is the most famous strain in the world. The main medical use for White Widow is pain, stress and insomnia. Chronic pain suffers are in constant pain. Relief from this pain results in feelings of creative, happy, relaxed and creative and since you’re not in pain, you’ll have a surge of energy as well from the beautiful White Widow.

Purple Kush is in the top 10 of most powerful strains worldwide. This is not for a newbie. NO, this strain zaps that pain away and is PERFECT for those who suffer from neuropathy and or severe chronic pain. The action of using this strain for pain results in not only pain relief, but happiness and euphoric feeling… Basically you feel better and high!

Chem Dawg is the most popular hybrid strain with a THC count of 18-26%! Chem Dawg is known best for treating chronic pain, depression, anxiety and chronic migranes. So anyone suffering from this and uses Chem Dawg will not only treat their pain, but will feel happy, uplifted (not depressed), relaxed (less pain) and have energy to do daily activities that they usually struggle with. Chem Dawg is strong. If this is a strain that will help you, I HIGHLY suggest building your tolerance for a couple of weeks with a milder Indica or Hybrid.

Super Silver Haze will definitely take your pain away with a THC count of 21. This is a perfect option for pain suffers with high stress levels looking to feel happy, energetic and HIGH.

Jack Herer has a great CBD count of 0.03-0.2% and THC count of 16-23%. Jack Herer has the same effects as the above mentioned, what I love is the blissful, clear headed created feeling.

Robert has White Widow and Super Silver Haze and they are both great !


AC/DC and Harlequin are both high in CBD and low in THC. offering relief from pain and inflammation. problem is you are going to either pay TOP $$$ for seeds or you wont find them at all. ive been trying to find a reputable source for these seeds but have had no luck.


Wow man thanks for that info that was really helpful!! like seriously thanks for going out of your way to do that!! :smiley: Did you happen to read if any of these are also good with inflammation as well as pain?

Thanks man that helps … as long as Im close to start with Ill be happy :smiley:

Oh believe me, blue dream is a start. Ak47 isn’t too bad either

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Ive been reading about the Durban family. Have you tried this strain?

Anyone here tried using a combination? i.e. Stong CBD Coconut (couch-lock) butter to manage the inflammation/sickness then using a espresso type to toke on through the day to keep you off the couch?

Sorry if Im not making sense I have away from my MJ for 20+ yrs and my memories of the different effects were through a recreational lens and not my medical needs of today

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Nope no history with Durban, sorry brother. I only toke and u toke a lot to help with my depression, ptsd, and chronic pain along with just bein able to handle the general public when I have to be out in it.

thanks man I appreciate your help … I’ve been away from this for 20yrs so I am literally kid in a candy shop … anxious for relief but cant make up my mind which colours I want … if you catch me … lol

Yeaj, I wish I was legal so I could try more strains, but I take what I can get an grow

No problem ! Glad I could help

Yep the “grey suits” in are just obnoxious, ignorant, villains.

very interesting. thankyou.

I grow O.G.Kush and harvest at the 70% milky and 30% clear are about half and half and it works great for as a pain reliever. Mostly indicas will help if you harvest them about 3-3 weeks early instead of waiting until the trichomes amber, and super silver haze and amnesia haze is an alternative for day time and sour diesel is good. I liked the blueberry as well but I harvested late and it had that lazy don’t want to do nothing affect when after the euphoria buzz wears off and man the munchies, you better keep snacks, but if you can find them in auto flower , that way you can grow them together and compare.


Generally higher indica strain