No To Catterpillars

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“I grow outdoors in Southern Calif. US.
What do you suggest to get rid of green caterpillers?”

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@KingShark @Trav @Manny_FTGUTube and @Rugar89 are fighting the same thing in Cali. I think it’s been an up hill battle but will see if they pop over to say what they have tried.


I’ve had success with picking them out lol and then squishing or drowning them lol, I’ve heard a product Bt-K from Monterey works a well but takes 2-7 days max to kill them because they have to ingest it first. Also heard neem oil keeps them away but not to sure on the status so far on it, it’s a half n half right now with opinions. I’d say best bet is the Bt-K

Monterey 704596 Caterpillar Killer Pesticide, 1-Pint


I had been spraying with neem oil for flies, but it didn’t stop the catapillars. But it had been a couple of weeks since they were sprayed. The Monterey BT is working.

Thanks for the tag @AnneBonny


The BT-K is working. It took about 4 days or so to see dead worms, but it’s working. Removal by hand was required immediately, because they were doing damage fast.
BT-K application was 1 tablespoon of concentrate per 2 liters of water in a spray bottle (or 2 tablespoons per gallon). I applied it very liberally, really getting the buds wet deep down as well as undersides of leaves, etc. Reapply 1 week later, and then another 1 week after that.

The source of the problem would be the moths laying eggs on our plants. I’ve ordered mosquito netting to keep the pests out.


Thank you all very much. I went with
The caterpillar killer. Working great…
Also thank you for the mosquito net idea.