No pistils yet

White Widow Auto Seeds
Planted 6/19 - all 16 sprouted on 6/23
All plants look very healthy and are still putting on lots of green in veg…but
I am well into week 4 but I am not seeing any pistils…should I be concerned?

You still have time, give it another week or two, and/or you can start introducing or increasing the dark period to accelerate flowering. 4 - 6 hours of darkness should be plenty in this autoflower strain.

Ok that sounds great… i have them on 18/6 since seed…
but arent autos suppose to flower on their own?
Also- thanks for your quick post!

Yes they are supposed to, but you shouldn’t really be seeing flowers until about the fifth or sixth week anyway, your light schedule should be fine then. Sometimes they can be a little difficult and need a little extra help with a little more darkness, but I think you are likely fine and good to continue as you are.