No germ policy need replacement seeds

So I got the buy 10+10 deal on some blueberry fems and had 8 of the 20 not pop

I literally couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to do to repost it to get replacement seeds, so I’m posting here to hopefully get in touch with the people who can get me going in the right direction

@Mr_Wormwood have you contact support I’m sure they can help I’m just a regular dude here some one will be along shortly I’m sure

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Midwestguy has you covered.
You can also find the original order confirmation email they sent you and “REPLY” to that email and explain your issue. Give them a few days. Weekend is approaching and they wont be back till Monday.


I have the same issue I purchased the USA mixed pack and I had 6 out of the 10 L.A. confidentail seeds not sprouting

The Customer Support contact person is out on a family emergency as well as dealing with the seed shop in Amsterdam. Please be patient and someone will get back to you assuming you used the correct place to lodge a complaint.