Nitrogen, when and how?

@Myfriendis410 ok so next time I mix it I should add more based off the schedule provided earlier. I will ask you and @dbrn32 @Covertgrower and @MrPeat if you all would agree I should do about 1/3 strength of the mixture at this stage and which week I should base it off of? I am certain I stunted them a few times thru my mistakes so I don’t feel like the are in week 10 even tho they technically are. I just don’t want to add tiger bloom if they aren’t ready for it etc.

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@Vance420 Ok first off…yes start at 1/3 strength. I would wait a full week to see what happens. If the plant responds, you are on the path after a couple weeks then you can up the nutrients. But the key is to watch your plant. I can’t stress that enough. :+1:

And your pictures of the plant she isn’t ready for Tiger Bloom since its used during the whole flowering process.


Use the Happy Frog feeding schedule published by FF. Note the 700 scale and EC above. FYI the EC scale is: 500 ppm NACL scale equals an EC of 1.0. So they call out a mixed EC of 1.6 or 800 ppm NACL scale.

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Ok @Myfriendis410 I will post the Happy Frog schedule.


@MrPeat allow me one more silly question, I see big bloom on the chart and understand tiger bloom is for flowering but where is grow big and why is it not included? Does happy frog have enough potassium in it that I don’t need the grow big?

Because one is for FFOF soil which is the first chart. The Happy Frog soil chart is nothing I am experience with. Different soil is probably why they are different.:+1:

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@MrPeat alright, thank you for the help I will ask the others what they think about that.

@dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410
Do you guys know why grow big and tiger bloom aren’t on the feeding chart? Do I simply not need them because it’s already in the soil or are they outdated now?

Someone will know for sure. :+1:

I’m gonna suggest that their schedule is not really applicable for both the length of time in the media and your runoff TDS. If it were me now I might consider moving more towards a soilless schedule with PH for soil. Coco schedule maybe. Let me look.

I still can’t post pictures so here’s what I’d do:

While in veg your ratio is 3 to 2 parts 3 Big Bloom and 2 Grow Big. Big Bloom doesn’t provide any nutrients. It’s all Grow Big doing the heavy lifting. Mix so that you have a solution concentration, in R/O or distilled, of 750 to 850 ppm. A little trial and error will get you the TDS value you are looking for and record it.

When you transition to flower it will be 3 parts Big Bloom, 2 parts Grow Big and 2 parts Tiger Bloom. Flush before going to this schedule and shoot for the same TDS as before until flowers form. Then likely up the TDS to 1,200 or so over a couple of feedings.

PH everything to 6.3 to 6.8.

FF bases there nutes off of 200 ppm tap water so feed, water cal mag, feed, water no cal mag.

That should keep you sweet.


Thank you for the information. I checked them again tonight at lights on and they looked better. I may have panicked a little bit lol. But I need to master the nutes as that seems to be my biggest hang up at the moment. I still have to master the flowering part and then the dry/cure but I’m getting there. Here are the ladies tonight

Skywalker 1
black widow that accidentally got fimmed lol
Bruce Banner my runt
Skywalker 2

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I’m pretty sure that schdule is for the happy frog line of nutrients, not specifically for when you’re using happy frog soil. I don’t use any of it though, so not really sure.

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Yes, Happy Frog has a different feeding schedule. I have post the FFOF and Happy Frog schedules in this topic. :+1:

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He is using happy frog soil with ff trio nutrients right? We are all on same page that you use happy frog nutrient schedule with happy frog nutrients, and use standard schedule with trip nutrients, right?

I’ll admit with changes fox farm is making its getting a little confusing. Fox farms is popular because trio is available at most garden centers, and is general gardening nutrient package. The rasta line was designed for cannabis, but is now replaced by cultivation nation, I think?

More or less, people use fox farms because they see everyone else using it. Everyone else is using it because they can drive down the street and get it. But the cannabis specific line you hardly ever see. Seems about right for a bunch of potheads lol.

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@dbrn32 Yes, he is using Happy Frog soil and has the FF Trio. Personally I have never used any Happy Frog. We have to drive a minimum of 90 miles one way for a Garden Shop. Easier to order online. :+1::+1::+1:

I get excellent feed back on what I grow. I have been told more than once my marijuana is rhe beat they have ever smoked. One buddy has been to Amsterdam and he had to admit I knew what I was doing. He prefers what I grow.

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I don’t doubt it, but has very little to do with name on bottles of nutrients you use, and probably everything to do with being a skilled grower and using them properly.

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@dbrn32 Nutrients can make or break a grow from what I have seen using FFOF and the Dirty Dozen. When you deplete all the nutrients from the soil you are good to go. You can start adding certain FF nutrients right away. This is where it gets fun.

Yeah I understand the name of nutrients doesn’t really matter if the plants are happy. I can’t wait till my Winter crop cycle. Jack’s 321 will be used and I may run with all of FF nutrients aka Dirty Dozen, Kelp me, kelp you and Wholly Mackerel. And grow a 2nd plant with FF and rhe other Jack’s. See if there a difference. Curious now.

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Yes, using properly lol.

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Well of course. I know my style with FF products. It was a learning curve. :joy::joy::joy:

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