Night crawler worms in bucket grow

Newbie here and was wondering about worms. Would it be beneficial to add worms to my grow buckets? Last year my first grow was in 5 gal buckets with drain holes drilled in bottom and when I dumped them out after the grow I found quite a few red worms in my tomatoes and MJ buckets. Now not sure if they were already in the Mirical Grow potting soil I bought or if the migrated on their own but there were quite a few in each bucket! So I was wondering about the larger night crawlers they sell around here for fish bait if it would help my potting soil or not

They are beneficial to soil and they keep the soil well aerated. I used worm castings in the soil. Gives a nice nitrogen boost in veg.

I can’t see where there would be a problem with the worms in the soil, not really sure that it would be needed though.


Very good sign, it means your soil is OK…
More worms- better soil

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