Newbie looking for suggestions

Newbie here, just looking for suggestions. Growing outdoors in pots, just watering with tap water. Do they look ok? Any tips on if I should use any nutrients or just keep doing what I have been ?? The bottom leave are turning yellow, should I be worried? Am I watering them too much?


Maybe a tad overwatered on last pic, but nothing drastic. They look like they’re pretty hungry tho. What kind of soil are they in and what nutes do you have on hand?


please don’t say miracle grow

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Nada, just water so far. What should I feed them with that’s easy to do without testing soil? I’m not that advanced.

A lot of people here use jacks 321 which is just about as easy as it gets imo

I’ve only ever used it though so obviously I have little experience with anything else

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I looked that up and they have so many different options, I’m getting confused?

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Right… I know exactly what you mean I’ll snap a pic of it…


I greatly appreciate it! Is it too late in the grow to start using it? How soon should I notice results??

Does that have instructions? Just those two different kinds?

Welcome to the community! These guys gotcha taken care of. Happy growing :call_me_hand:


Never too late really, especially if she’s hungry.

No way to answer the second question really, as every plant I’ve had has been different, but I’d expect it will only help

Oh part 3 is plain old epsom salt (no scented/plain only) you can find at dollar general or drugstore

Instructions are super easy to do and find. If you decide to go that route we can certainly guide you. It again is super easy

Thanks for all the suggestions. Do any box stores carry it? Or am I going to have to order? Thanks again!

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Unless you have a local grow shop, you will likely have to order it

Unless…. You managed to find a member here on a different platform like instagram or something… several people have same names and I sure there is probably someone who has a surplus of the stuff

Welcome to the neighborhood and good growing to you, everything you need to know about growing on one site, awesome growers posting best pics and methds