Newbie Bud Harvest Question

Strain; Type, Northern Lights - Feminized Seed
Hydroponic Grow in Coco
System type? DWC
PH 5.8
General Hydroponics Flora Series with CalMagic
What is strength of nutrient mix? 500 ppm
Indoor Grow in 2x4x6 Gorilla Lite tent
Light system, Platinum LED (P300) x 2
Temps; Day,75 Night 68
Water Temps Day 73 Night 68
Humidity; Day, 50% Night 50%
Ventilation system; 6" HV Inline Fan (424 CFM) 2 small oscillating fans (1 high, 1 low)
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier - None needed yet
Co2; No

My 1st Grow Attempt:

Seems like I have a lot of amber pistils, is this normal or did I let it flower to long (8 weeks flower + 2 wk flush) or is there something else going on? Most pics I see of this strain don’t appear to have as many.

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It’s a preference how long you let it go watch the trics not the pistols an you need to do that while it’s still alive

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