New to indoor growing need any tips available

Ok gotcha, so once it creates tones of branches then I will introduce the scrog net and if it continues to go up then I can add another?

Are you familiar with these products? I got them to boost the VEG cycle I just don’t know when to add it as a top dress!

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so you see in my case I only need to top it once! As I havent yet topped that plant! I can make a brutal cut half way down the stalk and throw the net over top. The branches will grow up and I just poke em through the net. At which time the indoor grower would then flip the lighting to 12 /12 and a couple weeks later the stretch will start and little bud will grow at that point I would introduce the second scrog. Does this make sense?

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Yes, thank you. I really appreciate it all bud this whole grow thing is just to save me money, about $1000 every other week to be exact lol but I’m the long run I can’t wait to smoke some of my own grown organic tweeds :smirk::sunglasses:


Well over the years Ive learned a couple valuable lessons. One is plants cant be forced to grow, so that means we have plenty of time to enjoy the process. You cant stuff food and water into them. Another good lesson is just when you think ifs all dialed in something goes wrong… it just happens. Thats why this forum and these guys are so awesome!

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Using those products kinda depends a bit on the soil you choose to use. The instructions for use is either on the packaging or the manufacturers web site. Barring that Im sure others here can help you. Frass is something I have used in preparing soils not as a top dressing, but Im sure it has its uses there. The other product I have never used so Im no use to you there.

The one bag say bloom forcer so its most likely an end game product for flowering. Ive never been keen on adding chemicals to soils as Im mostly an organic grower and those things can effect taste and sometimes health in the finished product. Im no expert there though!

Ok gotcha yea I have been doing a little reading and it says for the (bloom) one that if you do a half dose it’s good for the roots? But I guess I will try and see what happens? Oh and one other question, should I have some kind of tray underneath my felt pots?

When I kill the lights at night I should kill fans and everything also correct?

I keep air moving in my room 24/7. Plus if you have a tent, you should also have an inkbird controller or an inline fan that has a sensor for heat or humidity. At night when the lights go out, humidity usually spikes quite high. You want the inline fan to sense the humidity and suck it out to a level that is appropriate, say an RH of 50 or so. Inkbird controllers are cheap and really pretty good, they give you 2 work outputs meaning a sensor and an AC outlet for 2 differnt tasks. You can also buy an inline fan with a controller that essentially does the same thing but only for the fan. The advantage of having both is the ability to control either temperature or humidity by extraction or use the inkbird to control a heater or humidifier or de humidifier etc. This gives lots of options for environmental control very cost effectively. Hope that was helpful

As for the tray, if your floor does not support a drain or is cold, its usually a great idea to have a catch basin of some kind incase of water egress and catch water for sampling and perhaps a way to raise the pots off a potentially cold floor.

Ok sounds good thanks bud, where can I get one of those or where would it be cheaper? I have the ac running in the garage at about 70 so that should keep the tent pretty cool at night right?

I agree after 4th node is good.

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Just a quick question does this seem to be an ok top?

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Well ladies and gentlemen I have officially decided that my 3x3x6 tent is just way to small for me so this is what I started last night​:sunglasses::heart_eyes:

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Should I cut these leaves off?

The second picture I am asking because it Covers new shoot

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The damaged one will probably die eventually anyway. Otherwise I don’t really see any reason to remove them.

Ok and one other thing did you see my pics above about the white spots? If so do you have any kind of feedback about that?

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