New to growing and almost overwhelmed

Hey everyone!! First off I wanted to introduce myself, most folks call me Uhawl.

I’m pretty much the newest of new guys when it comes to growing as I am just getting ready to start. I’ve done a bit of research on it but it quickly becomes overwhelming with all the different tricks, tips, how it’s and what not to do’s. Whew!!

So here I am. Ordered some WW, blueberry, and some gold seeds all from here. And have purchased some basic stuff for turning seeds to pure pain relief for this weary body of mine.

I’ve purchased a 5x5x6’8" tent
2 4ft 8 bulb T5 6500k lights
A 6" apollo fan 390cfm
I power 6" charcoal filter.

Still looking at acquiring the right pots, soil, fertilizer etc etc.

Any and all tips, recommendations welcomed!!

Thanks in advance,



I would recommend smart pots 3 to 5 gallon and I have had very good luck with all my LG and seeds growing and Foxfarm ocean soil welcome to the forum you came to the right place for sure you’re going to get help step-by-step all the way through your grow if you need it or want it there are a lot of very good people on here with decades of experience if you need to try to get a hold of someone @ in front of there name @Uhawl if you need anything feel free to ask the best way for you to be able to get further in conversations is read as much as possible good luck my friend and welcome if you need me thing feel free to hit me up I’ll be more than happy to help you @Hogmaster


If it’s overwhelming break it into stages
setup your space lights venting dry run make sure you can control temps
most issues start with environment so the more you can control the merrier by doing this in advance you can add move adjust before you have plants in the way or need lights on to keep plants happy.

Seedlings pick your seeds and one method of starting them this stage can be weeks during this point intense lighting and space isn’t huge factor neither are nutrients this stage continues right into sprouts

Veg this is when your ladies have 4 sets of true leaves and have smoothly adjusted to more intense lighting. Now is when you start looking into feeding transplanting training best advise I can give is right up weekly schedule for veg. Start feeds very light 1/4-1/2 recco on bottle of any nutrients or Transplant to richer soil FFOF as @Hogmaster suggested

Try not to think of grow as start to finish work your way through it one day or week at a time


Welcome you come to the right place!! Don’t panic is the first thing. I got pretty manic and overwhelmed in the beginning but it got much easier and now I am nice and calm about the whole thing. Just let them do their thing and don’t give them too much love. I found to just walk away was a good thing to do. I check everyday on them sometimes it is just a friendly hello and to make sure they are not growing into the light. I am also use T5 lights. Run your setup for a few days before you start the seeds.

Happy growing!

PS you are going to need some 2700k lights for flowering.


Hi @Uhawl, welcome to ILGM forum, the greatest forum on earth for learning cannabis growing and much more, you will find very knowledgeable poeple who are willing to share their knowledge .

I agree with the others,

  1. a good seedling soil is very important to give the little ones a good start (Happy frog for seedling from Foxfarm is an example)

  2. a good soil (Foxfarm ocean forest is an example too)

  1. for nutrients you can go with the Foxfarm trio, the General Hydroponic Flora series , Flora go and Advanced Nutrients made some good ones too, it really depend on your budget and personnal choice, just make sure you are buying nutrients for soil.
  1. Smart pots 5 gallons

  1. you will need a pH up pH down kit (General Hydroponic make a very good one)

  1. a combo pH meter/TDS meter

Hoping that you’ll find this useful and helpful,

~Al :v: :innocent:


welcome @Uhawl these guys gotcha covered, and cheap too! happy growing!

Welcome to ILGM. Don’t be overwhelmed with all the information that is here. Stick to the basics and you will do OK. One thing on the fabric bags. I totally agree they are the way to go. Remember that when you have a 5 gallon bag, it will take a little longer at the beginning as the roots from the plant will grow first and the top will look like it is stunted. As long as the leaves are green and not burned, be patient. When the roots get established, you will have a bigger plant and that equals better yield. I have to use three gallon as I have a small grow area. The room you have will allow for bigger plants. Good luck on the grow. Jerry


Uhawl, Welcome. TXWhip here. In first grow. Smartpots, 2, 3, 5 gallon are the best for me. Also, FoxFarmOceanFloor PottingSoil is my choice. My widows have thrived! FoxFarm can provide what fertilizers and soil treatments you need to grow. R. Bergman’s Grow Bible and his other ebooks will help you in every stage! They are free. Good luck! Don’t hesitate or worry. Weed practically grows itself indoors, too. TXWhip

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Thanks everyone for all the awesome advice and support. I look forward to growing with all of you. Waiting on the key component to arrive but in the mean time I’m taking y’alls advice and setting everything up and testing everything from water, lights, temp, humidity.

Thanks a bunch already!!


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Total newbie here as well. You’re way more prepared than I was so I’m sure you’ll be fine. Even with my lack or foresight with some quick research here and fast answers my 3 are doing great. We’ve entered flower stage and they couldn’t be doing better. Fingers crossed but feel much better knowing I can come here for support if something goes south. @Hogmaster mentioned pot sizes. I had made the mistake of 2gal smart pots. Was advised here on 5gal. Made the switch and now I can’t imagine them in anything smaller. They have grown like crazy and make the pots look small. Hope your seeds arrive soon and happy farming!


You’re welcome @Uhawl, it’s always a pleasure to help a fellow grower :grinning:

~Al :innocent: :v:

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Welcome @Uhawl, glad to have ya here, you"re in good hands now, so relax and let us help any way we can, the first grow Is definetly a bit exciting !!


Put up my tents, hung the lights and fans today. Still needing quite a few things before I get started.

Ambient room temp is around 65 degrees, with just the lights on in the tent it climbed to 71 pretty quick. I turned on the exhaust fan and was able to maintain temp at 70 for about a 3 hour test run. Humidity was pretty rock solid at about 50%. I’m assuming these numbers will change somewhat once I actually start my grow.

Gosh I’m ready to do this…


ambient will raise too after lights have been running 18hr’s or more they start to heat floor and entire room so at plant canopy level temps will be just about perfect RH will change with addition of pots and plants which both add humidity


So maybe I’m being a bit to critical or “anal” but I have set up 2 tents, a 5x5 growsun and a 4x4 gorilla lite. The growsun has a few seams that are leaking light in. But the gorilla has light leaking thru just about every zipper and a few seams. Is this normal? My room will be completely shut off from light being able to get in as I have blocked off the window and created a enclosed entry. But this just doesn’t seem right for the price I paid.

Also other than using Mylar, aluminum, or duct tape. Has anyone used any other ingenious methods of sealing seams?

Tape it then dark green or black tape over. My tent has some pinhole leaks around the zipper, I honestly don’t think there will ever be a 100% light proof tent. I take the good with the bad.

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Dude you’re set sounds like a good temperatures would love to see a picture of it all set up my friend keep up the good work

I’m inclined to agree since they are damn expensive tents with the whole no light leak sales pitch? I build my own grow spaces but since you are using a tent that’s pre made and having to make repairs sucks use what ever you must but first take pictures of the leaks and send them to distributor


I don’t most get in contact with him and tell him hey can you send me a new tent this thing is a piece of crap see what they say otherwise gorilla glue duck tape is my best friend I got two of the cheapest tents I could find and I just got lucky and don’t have hardly any light leak at all

I agree with @Donaldj 100% make sure you get a hold of the manufacture and bitch and send pictures at least I would because like you said for the money you pay you expect to get what you pay for

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