New to forum and growing

Hello all! I’m new to the forum and to growing! I have been researching a little, but we ended building a grow room into a shelving project, so here we go! We decided on a 6’x4’ grow room. Because we live in Reno, we decided to install a window mounted A/C unit. We are using 2 viparspectra PAR700 LED grow lights, installed a 4" exhaust fan. So far, we are successfully keeping the grow about 75, and about 53rh. Decided to use soil, foxfarms happy frog for 2, and ocean forest for the other (ran outa happy frog, heard great things about ocean forest) we are starting with GG#4, 3 plants.

The outside

Quick view of the inside

And now the ladies (ilgm say they are feminized, but hows a n00b to know better :wink:)

The ocean forest soil

The happy frog soil

They are about 2 weeks old, startes the veg cycle (18 hours of light and leds adjusted to manufacturers recommendations) about 3 days ago. I look forward to the learning and to the journey!


Welcome to the club, if at anytime you have questions just ask them and someone will answer it.


Good morning ILGM. Throw up some more pics of the progress, and a question…

This little lady looks good to me!

But the other 2 are growing…sideways.

The larger, bustier of the two its hard to see, but the stem draws to the left, and the bottom pic is easy to see…how do I rectify this situation? Do I need to repot them, or let em be? Thanks for the advice.


Ok, so today we decided to transplant them into a bigger pot. They are almost 4 weeks old. To address
My question above, we decided to let it run its course, and the plants started raising up on their own, so yeah. Also, I think that we may have been underwatering or haven’t stated newts soon enough, leaves started to curl upwards a little…


Could be heat stress from the lights to start it to taco on the fan leaves. Could also be a magnesium deficiency. I know I’m extremely late on that question but I hope everything’s going well on your grow!
Happy growing man! :grin: