New seedling questions

Why are they curling up like that ? I know growing in clear containers isn’t good but they germinated to quickly bust a move. And why did the root grow up .

Root grow up??? What do u mean?

And the raised leaves maybe a sign of too intense light. Maybe jack it up and inch or two…

Look at the middle plastic cup right below base you can see a root growing up towards the light out of soil .

Drop the clear cup into a red or blue one. Poke holes; lots of holes. A clear dome on top and mist that with distilled water twice a day and that’s it for watering. Light intensity likely the cause of leaves and roots growing up is they’re looking for darkness and not finding it.


I love this dang community appreciate all of your guys input


Praying leaves like that normally mean heat issues. Not sure why just the one is like that. Could be a hot spot