New run. Gotta auto White widow flowering and Goldleaf/Zkittles in other pots

Hey Everybody. It’s me again. I had the run with tooooo much seeds in one tent. I took everyone’s advice and split my grow from into two sections ( my closet and 2x2 tent ). I’m not using the 2by2 right now. I got one white widow auto that’s flowering right now and I want to know your thoughts on that. I was also wanting to know how I could utilize my 2by2 in order to create a perpetual growth. Lmk !

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Welcome back!! A thought on perpetual grow is use either the closet or tent for 12/12 and the other for 19/6 lighting. One’s a starter space and the others a finisher. :+1:t2: @JoeBill

That sounds like a plan :ok_hand:t5:. I’ll use the tent for the starter though I’ll need to get a new light for it.

Love the bonsai effect on the tie downs and trim.
:call_me_hand::call_me_hand: looks like excellent smoke :+1::+1:

Thank you I was feeling kinda sus about this run. It’s a bit difficult for me to see the bud structure on my own bud.

How’s your plant get pollinated?

She looks very pregnant.

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I agree. I think she’s gonna have a couple seeds.