New Outdoor NJ grower looking for insight

Looking for overall insight and help for a new outdoor grower. I was gifted two plants. I know nothing about where they came from or the type.

I think they’re both female but unsure. Any guesses on age/progress?


Too early to tell the sex of the plants.

They need more direct sun.

Welcome to the forum.


Appreciate the input. I thought I was losing my mind trying to determine the sex.

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Those pots have drainage holes?

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Yeah, one quarter size hole for each pot.

Howdy Tucker
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How much sun they getting a day?
Usually on the seventh and ninth nodes they show pre flowers, learnt that from my first book by Ed Rosenthal. :grinning:

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Hello and welcome!
The more sun the better.

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@TuckerE welcome to the family my friend happy growing

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They’re outside in direct light for the majority of the day.

They’re more of a lime green color when compared to other plants I’m seeing on here.

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