New HF Grow, please help the rook

Good morning everyone!

Almost done with my first ever grow! It’s very exciting to say.
I have a couple weeks left until I harvest my last 2 plants. After that I’m gonna start a new grow and am just looking for some pointers.

Here’s what I got-

Seeds- Blue Dream (F), Phantom Cookie (F), Tropicana Banana (F) and one seed I found in a dispensary border that I was considering trying to grow, it’s Tangerine Haze. All seed bank seeds and I think I can assume that the one from the dispensary is good.

Medium- Happy Frog

Nutrients- This is what I have, the FF trio and SweetRaw. Are these ok to use? What should I use in addition to these or instead of these?

Water- Tap. 7-7.5 PH and around 350PPM. Always PH balance to around 6.7

Container- 5 gallon buckets

Lights- 2 150W full spectrum LED grow lights

Temp- 75-85

Humidity- Usually up to 65-70 but less if I have to run the dehumidifier

Enclosure- 4’ x 2’ x 6’ standard grow tent. At one point I had 6 plants in here but it was obviously too crowded. This round I’m gonna do 4.

Fans- Spared no expense, 3 in the tent and the exhaust fan is pretty decent.

Going into end of summer/fall the temps will drop more (New England) and I’ll be able to regulate better. As of right now the hottest it’s gotten inside the tent was around 86 when it was almost 100 outside.

What are the disadvantages of planting right in the 5 gallon bucket? Just soil moisture management?

Ive been looking for a week to week guide to use but I can’t find anything fruitful.

Happy growing!

Posted some pics of what I have so far-

This one was my Hydro Phantom Cookie that died around week 8. Definitely not alot of trichomes but I tried some last night and thought it wasn’t bad at all and I’m an everyday smoker that only smokes dispensary weed.

This one is my best one that’s got a few weeks left (what do you think?). This is my Blue Dream that I grew in Miracle Grow (I know, I know… No more Miracke Grow). This is last night, a few days into week 11.

My last plant is Tropicana Banana. It got stunted when it was around week 3 and never fully recovered, so it’s not very tall or wide. The nugs are on the smaller side compared to the Blue Dream but they look pretty dense. I don’t have any pics of that one but I’ll throw a few up later.


They look healthy. What is the model and brand of light you are using?


Looks good , I see you had a few problems. Keep in mind when your growing that many different strains that they have different requirements. So it is not unexpected to struggle when doing multiple strains. Differences in optimal temperature and humidity as well as nutrient intake all vary slightly from strains. Best to research strains with similar needs or just continue to experiment.

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I don’t know how to post a link, but I posted a screenshot of it. I’ve got two of these in a 4 x 2 tent.

I did have some trouble with them yeah but I expected that, I grew 6 plants in anticipation of failures.

That’s definitely part of my problem is having alot of strains. I’m willing to make the extra effort in order to have a variety though. I didn’t realize in the beginning that they all have different needs but now I know, and you know what they say about that.

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Here’s the Tropicana Banana-
This one got the most stunted out of all of them but its pulling through alright I think.

So your lights are 130 watt each so that’s 260 watts. I generally stay away from those lights but should do a decent job , 260 watt is a little less than I got on my flower tent. But it is a little more than my veg tent both are 2x4.

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I went with the LED to keep the electric bill down but I figured one per plant is probably what I really need. I chose these particular lights because of the app, I like being able to check on them and the temp/humidity when I’m not there.
As I progress I’m sure I’ll adjust and add more. This coming grow will allow me to know how they grow without the same issues I had last time, so I’ll have a better idea of how the lights do after that.

What soil are you considering using to replace mg?

Do people generally use two different tents for each cycle? I was trying to come up with a way to veg while this batch is finishing so that when they’re done and harvested I can just pop the new ones in with the new light cycle.

I’m going with Happy Frog this time

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I use a 3 step setup, seedlings box.



This allows me to harvest every 5 weeks on autos or every 10 weeks on photos. I use frog too.


5 weeks?? Damn! That’s sick.
What’s the difference in outcome between AF and P?
Nice setup. That mean you have to have triple* of everything though? Fans and lights and whatnot?

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Double and a half setups because my seedling box has minimal parts.
The difference in photos and autos is big. A photo with the size I can handle can be harvested for a around a pound Max but takes 2 to 3 times as long to get to harvest. Autos are around 4 oz and take a 1/3 the time so close to equal. It’s more so you want a lump some or annual payments.

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Never even considered AF but 5 weeks is pretty awesome. Im growing strictly for “personal use”, but I like the idea and I’ll definitely consider that in the future.
Thanks for sharing I like your setup. I’m not at that level yet.

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Soooo I just ordered a bunch of AF last night because our conversation about AF vs P made me drool. Lol
I’m gonna switch it up and grow those instead so I can compare.

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Cool. Yeah I like autoflowers they generally stay smaller so easy to manage in a indoor setup and the speed.