New here! Am I doing it right?

I am completely new to growing. Just wanted to share pic so y’all can tell me if im on the right track. Thanks!


Looking fine to me.
Welcome to the forum.
What do you plan to use for a grow light? That little light bar I see wont work for long as they get bigger.


Looking good, just don’t over water (most common mistake ) made by new growers.


Good start and welcome to the forum. Only thing i suggest is cloth pots. Easier moisture control and no root bind with self pruning. You passed where many new growers fail. Sparing with the water now. Hard part is over. Now the letem grow part. :grin:. As Norman said, bigger light pretty soon.


The little munchkins will be giants before you know it. Great job! What strain?

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I have this one for now. I would like to transition them outside. How long do you think I can get by with this one? I think it it a 300w? Funds are a bit tight on disability lol. I hope to get a better one in case they need to be inside longer.

I can see why. I worry about that too!

Thank you! I will definitely look into the cloth pots next.

What the heck is that light? That could be super useful as a supplement light

Two weeks and they should be good for outside. 3 weeks would be better if those lights keep the plants short and full. Like this…

These were 11 days old.

If they get lanky like this…

Then move them into the sun sooner. Start with a few hours each day to get them hardened to sunlight. Increase hours each day until they can tolerate full sun.

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I got it off of amazon. Im just trying to get by with it a short while.

Minebare definitely behind. One is oreoz (I think) and the other is amnesia haze. One is 9 days and the other is 13 days. They dont seem to be growing very fast to me. Ugh

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I started growing in coco coir and they do grow faster in that.
In those big containers they may start slower as they root deeper.