New growth looks like it is reddish brown Leaves curlingHelp!

I start my indoor grow 7 days ago. Since I started I have been having issues regulating the temperature. Also, I have had to water frequently because the soil pulls away from the sides. I was always taught that it means they need water.
I am including pics from this morning. If you need to see more, PLEASE, let me know. You can also look at my grow journal. It has my set-up and other
Photos of the plants. The thread of my journal is called, “Hello again”.
Soil, temp of tent room is the top #, bottom # is the temp underneath the dome alternatively is reads the RH.

Pics from this morning

Also, there wasn’t any RO to check, (Am I suppose to water until there is run off)?
This is a picture I took this evening. I labeled the photo with #'s my concerns.

  1. Seedling that has a strong looking stem, but the seed hasn’t finished opening, (it’s been like this for a couple of days).
  2. The healthiest looking one of the lot. Though, it has issues too. The new leaves look light green with dark veins. The center has what looks to new growth, but it is reddish brown.
  3. The same as #2 with addition of height. Stem is really long.
  4. The green veins are more prominent in this one. I would have to say this plant is between 2 and 3 health wise.
  5. This last one is also very tall and stretching. The first two leaves looks shrivelled and dead.
  6. Once again the edges have reddish brown color and center with new leaves coming in are already brown.
  7. The part of the leaf that dead looking.

The temperature keeps spiking. It will be fine all morning. Then during the afternoon the temp starts the high spike in temp. In the 80s°F. I end up having to adjust the light higher with the fan still pushing the heat away in between lamp and seedlings. Also, I have change the temp to the intake and exhaust fan because it is not low enough to kick the fans on. Here are pics before I raise the lamp at least 2"

I just can’t find a picture that has that reddish brown. Looks kind of orange. The picture doesn’t really show it. I tried taking a few more pics, they didn’t really show the color I am trying to describe.

Looks like u need to water bro

Plus the soil pulling away from the sides, in my experience, is a mix of high temps n to little water

That light needs to be about 2 to 3 ft away from new seedlings. Looks like they are just getting burned up. Do worry about it being 80 degrees…plants prefer a day time temperature in the low 80s but you have to have your humidity up as well. The soil should be damp but not soaked. New seedlings get their water from the air before they establish a root system so the humidity needs to stay in the high 60s. They also dont need air directly blowing on them yet.

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This is a picture from yesterday morning next to a picture taken just moments ago.



I see a bit of a difference. Thanks to everyone that took the time to help me. Going back to my journal to make posts there if you’d like to follow.