New growth has yellow tips

Hey guys it’s been a while! I’m currently growing 2 ILGM GDP Fems. It’s been a breeze so far. They’re on day 32 and I’ve started to notice some pretty defined yellow tips on the new growth. Normally I wouldn’t worry about this because I know new growth comes in a pale green, but this is definitely yellow and very defined. The closest thing I’ve come to diagnosing is an iron deficiency maybe? Was hoping to get some other opinions thanks! Also I know it looks pretty typical of nute burn however I have not given them a single feeding yet.

FF Happy frog
Mars Hydro TS1000.
Temps: 82-86° H:55
5 gal fabric pots

Iron deficiency starts toward the leaf base not the tips. Could be the chlorophyll hasn’t reached the tips yet. Give them a few days to see if they fill in.

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Will do! Thanks for the quick response!

Maybe one of these two?