New Grower With A Few Questions


I have been following ILGM for quite a while and there are a few things I have always wondered about…

When you harvest does it kill the plant?
If it does not kill it do I just keep harvesting every few months?
I am only looking to grow one plant for myself, what would be a very rough estimate of the yield?



You can a regular, feminized, or non-auto seed by returning it to 16 or more hours of light each day. Some call it "monsterm cropping. Just make sure you leave enough foliage after harvest, for the plant to survive.

It takes quite a long time for the hormones to stabilize, and can take upto a month for the veg cycle to kick back in. I’ve done this many times.

Please take note that doing this stresses out the plant and it takes time for the stress levels to return to normal.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Some people will trim off the top buds and let the lower branches return to Veg to get bigger. It takes a while for it to return back to Veg.
In my opinion you would be better off having 2 separate tents, 1 for Veg and 1 for flowering. That way you can have a perpetual grow going.