New grower plant started off quick now dropping spotted

So when I first planted this one she started out growing very quick then just hit a wall, she’s still growing but very slowly, for one I think I planted it in to big a pot to start and over watered it, I transferred it to a smaller one and put dryer soil in it, but I’m not sure what to think…she gonna make it? It’s curling but the second set of serrated leafs seem to be just coming out the middle, small right now but there.

I’ve had worse pull through for sure as long as you let her be and get over the stress from down sizing pot and then make sure you don’t over water should pull through still green!

Are you using a dome? Too much water for a plant that size! How old?

No not using a dome just went to a red Solo cup no dome, water tray underneath put very little just to maybe tempt the root to grow more and grow down, it’s 16 days since it arisen from the dirt, humidity 50% to 65% , hard to keep it steady right now as I am not using a grow tent yet just a closet

Seedlings do best around 75-80F and 80%RH, get some clear cups for domes. You may have damaged on the TP but might be OK! You do not need to water from bottom, the runoff that comes out of these soils can be high in nutrient solution and salt, at the stage you are at, should not need more than an ounce of water every day or two!

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Ok so let her be a couple days then pour an ounce of water around the stem in a circle?

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Looks like too much water. Wet the insine of a solo cup and dome it. Back off on watering.

@Dell5001 I forgot to welcome you to the ILGM forum!

Yes, about 1/2 " away!

Ty! Try that I will!

So I checked her today and the leafs are a lot straighter! Hope it does well! I have a clear cup over it and I have it hot and really humid in the area it’s in to

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