New grower help please

Hi I got great feedback from my last questions regarding timing and height for my plants.
I am now 4 weeks into flowering and am watering everyday also each water includes the Bergman flowertime fertilizer, as per package instructions. 1g per liter of water.
The tips of the leaves of one plant are starting to brown, is this

normal, should i back off the nutrient?
PH tested 6.88, temp is 68 in dark to 82 under lights, humidity is 35-45.

They look good to me healthy @stuart601 tip is normal my friend happy growing

What is your ppm coming out ? They look great tho, hate for you to waste all your nutes if not needed. I’m also in flower and I water every 3-4 days. I do the pick up and how heavy it feels test . Normally only feed nutes 1 a week,

These look great, if your picky id say that is very slight light stress/burn. Any idea of your UMOLs hitting them from the lights? Can download photone on your cell if you dont have a par meter. Flower should be about 1000

They look great. Painting their fingernail just means you are pushing them to their full potential, nutrient wise…


:joy: :rofl::laughing::grinning:


If i wait more than one day the plants start to droop. So i water every day. should i allow them to droop and revise them every other day.

They look dandy! It seems like a lot of nutes especially everyday. Like @Kingkupa
:point_up_2: said. I only feed 1x week and water every 3 days, sometimes every other, depends how the girls look. They are always wanting something … But they do like it dry, then wet…keep those ladies happy…

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Yellow tips is pretty common. I see nothing to worry about. Looking good so far. :+1:

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Look fantastic, but I would probably dial the nutes back a little.