New grower adjusting PH

Hello I’m a new grower and need some help if anyone can help with lowering my ph from 7.0 to 6.5 in a natural raised garden soil with no time released nutrients I do use fox farm. I’m using 5 gallon pail

Using ph up or down is best way to adjust ph imho

Try adjusting the ph of your nutes to the lower end of the acceptable scale for soil grown plants. Aim for somewhere around 6.3 which should keep all nutes available to the plant without causing lockout. Another alternative would be to ditch the fox farms and go with some organic nutes , then you wouldnt have to worry about ph at all.


thank you for helpS1890003|690x388!

this is my plant (crystal) at 3weeks 2 days

I topped it today before and after pic


Regular white vinegar works fine for pH down. Plants love it. Very cheap at the grocery store.

thank you for help I will look up mixture

Braggs apple cider vinegar is what I use. Raw and with the mother. I used fox farm on my indoor grow and adjusted ph of my water mixture and still had a bit of a ph issue. I made a 1/2 batch of super soil for my outdoor grow and I’m so pleased with it I will never go back to using fox farms. I have had no ph issues at all. I just ph my water and that’s it. I probably don’t even need to ph the water but I do anyway.

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Water quality varies tremendously, even in the US. My Colorado River water is usually pH 8.5 out of the tap: Deadly for cannabis. Total nutrient lockout.

You never know unless you measure. Good pH meters are on Amazon for less than $20.

I use rain water I collect and tested it yesterday and it was about 7.2 so I played around with adding vinegar to the water and that brought it down now I have to adjust 1 gallon at a time

Do get some CalMag from Amazon or a hydroponics store. You will need to add it, since rain water has none. Nutrient makers usually don’t add it, since people using tap water don’t need it. Also, you will find that adding anything to rain water can swing the pH a lot. It has no salts in there to buffer it. It’s better to add all your nutrients and THEN adjust the pH. Otherwise you have to adjust it twice. Any nutrient solution can change the pH of rain water a lot.

Thank you I have not checked mine that way that’s a good thing to know