New at this. So any tips are greatly appreciated

Hey guys, I’m new to this so please :pray: take it easy on me. These are seeds given to me from a friend done know genetics. I do have seeds I got from this site I’m just waiting till these are done… any pointers will be greatly appreciated TIA
Nutrients- all earth juice
Ights- spider farmer 2000 and 2 spider farmer 1000
Soil is all organic



Nice looking plants. Did you put them into flower or did they go themselves?

Thank ya… I flipped them on Thanksgiving :grin:

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I am fairly new also but have grown clones under HID lights. I just bought two 1200 watt LED grow lights that I have no experience with. I plan to harvest 4 feminized super lemon haze plants that are now about 5 or 6 weeks old from ilgm seeds. 8 of 10 seeds made it into 8 clay pots under a 400 watt MH bulb (HID).

I have three 4x2foot grow boxes (made from plywood). One is 4 ft. tall and the other 2 measure 4x2 by 5ft. tall. The short one is for the seeds and seedlings. The other 2 are for large veg plants and flowering cycle…

One tall box will use one 600 watt HID bulb - The other will utilize one or both of my LED lights. So I will compare the LED (or LEDS) to the 600 watt HID bulb…

That is a mouthful but I will be curious how yours turn out.

What are the dimensions of your grow area and are those 3 gallon cloth bags that you put your plants in?

I wonder how much LED light is too much ? I can put either one or two 1200 watt LEDs over 2 plants in that 4x2 ft. box. They each realistically pull about 300 watts of electricity.

PAR- (what ever that is) is shown as 650 at 18inches above the plants for each LED light…

best regards

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Likely the actual power draw is far less than 1,200 watts: what exactly are the lights?

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One is a Philizon (1200W full spectrum) double switch. The other is a greengo 1200W double switch. Here are some pics and specs…

I started the seedlings under the Greengo for about 3 weeks in veg. stage before I placed them under the HID bulb. They have been under the HID for a few days now and are established and growing…

I would give ur girls some banana and cucumber skin tea it is loaded with potassium and phosphorus which is great for flowering ,here is what u need to do it , get five bananas and peel them u only need the skin and now get one big cucumber and peel it as well now u have the banana and cucumber skins you have to cut them up into small pieces put those into a mesh bag or stocking grab a 20ltr bucket fill with water and add two tablespoons of molasses desolved in warm water now add the bag with the skins in it into the bucket now add air pump and bubble it for 24 hours once done add 10mils of fish shit and stir now ur ready to water ur plants


Your running roughly 500 watts. Your lights seem too high is why they stretched so bad.

Are ypu saying the intensity is too high or the height of the light

do you ph ur water at any point or just go with it.

This is what he means

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He is saying u have the light up too high above the plants and they r stretching alot more than they need to. Lowering the lights to about 20 inches will give them a bit better lighting and they won’t stretch so much.

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Me i used to ph my water but i dont any more i still check it but i dont ph ,.see im using rain water and tank water ,the ph of the rain water is normally 6.9 and the tank water is almost the same i let the microbes do all the ph adjusting

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The height of the light

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I set my light accordingly to what “they” recommend in every stage. What should my hieght be in each stage, cause I’m going yo do auto flowers my next harvest and don’t want to screw them up

that would be my question also… thankyou

u pushing that tea lol u got stock in cuc’s and nana’s lol j b good stuff used it b4

No I’m too far along to try different things. I’m gonna do it next run

Any water with a TDS under 100 ppm will adopt the PH of the medium it’s applied to. There simply isn’t enough potential hydrogen in the water to require much to adjust.

Na i just know it works lol