New at this.. macgyver can we talk?

Ive got some questions about leds, can anyone help me out??

Im thinking that my leds are not making the plants sweat, inturn they aint drinking as much, slow growth as a result… could the light work better, in a different medium???

What kind of LEDs? Wattage of individual diode as well as unit as a whole? Are the lights close enough?

What kind of medium, soil or hydro, what kind of hydro? What’s the PH or the TDS/PPM?

The lights don’t really make the leaves sweat, slow growth because of other reasons could cause slow uptake of nutrients and or water. The slow growth is the indicator more than the lack of drinking.

Transpiration of the leaves has more to do with air flow or co2 concentrations near the leaves’ surface, including the adequate photosynthetic active spectra of light (red and blue frequencies) , than temperature or anything like that, about 75f or 24c is not too hot nor to cold and still plenty warm enough to allow for the chemical reactions in the leaves to occur. A fan blowing a gentle alternating breeze across your plants is recommended for this reason, as well as strengthening stem development. Even in CO2 highly supplemented environments, the leaves still need to kinda flutter about for best absorption of the CO2.

288 3 watt led… dorm grow G8 900’s 2 of em over a 4x8, in peat mix, ppm 500, ph 6.3, lights r 24 inches above canopy, 2 oscillating fans, temp 75, humidity 55, after sprouting seeds, they r now a month n week old… only a foot tall, 6-8 sets of leaves, the bottom sets are gone, as they yellowed and fell off… i think it over watering… i did some clones, thwy dis ok, but the seedlings are messed…

I need more info on the peat mix? Mixed with what? If it is almost pure peat and you are kinda doing a soil-less media, then you need to treat it like hydro and keep your PH closer to 5.8, no higher than 6.0 and you could get your PPMs a lot higher, like 800 to maybe 1200, although I’ve seen good results at 600 ppm, so you can go quite a bit higher, that may make a difference.

Over watering can kill your roots and if your plant has dead roots it can’t make much use of the nutrients in the growing media. Also it will slow above ground growth tremendously as it is spending most of its energy just repairing roots. This is probably the main cause of your problems.