Need some Advice on this Wilt

Hey Everybody. I have a strange one I have not encountered before. 3 seedlings all Autos White Widow, Gelato and Zkittles.
All in the same medium FFOF. 100 on the PAR meter above the canopy. 2 are doing great! Yesterday I notice the Zkittles had turned from the light and wilted. I took it out of the nursery and placed it on the floor of the grow tent. By the end of the day it was back to normal. I left it there overnight and this morning it’s wilted again?? Weird. Any ideas on what’s going on


Is that a small space heater up against the pot?


No. That is a CO2/temp/humidity monitor. I just placed the plant next to it and the others for the photo. I also just watered around the edges as it was a little dry. I do that once a day and have done fine it. It was great until yesterday morning and Now?? I thought maybe heat, but it was at 77 degrees and 50RH.


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There seedlings. As previously posted

Zkittles. auto. ILGM

Rain water- Ph / 6.46

No run off- seedlings

Fox Farm Ocean with seedling starter in center 3.5 inch plastic pots- holes in bottom
LED light set a 100 on PAR meter above the canopy

77 degrees. 50 RH- constant all times


Thanks for any help. Been growing for a while now and never seen such a rapid change from right on time to Wilt in hours, then recover in hours and now back to the same wilt.

Pic of roots in that 1 cup? They are clear correct? Repot time i think for them all.


Roots are clear and at the bottom of pot. They are dry…the wilted one has been 11 days in that pot. The other 2 only 5 days…


Are you monitoring PPM? Have you been feeding the plant with fertilizers?

I would really truly get them in a forever pot. Just me. A 5 gal or better cloth i would think.

They are in FFOF, so no feedings yet. I was thinking maybe to get it to its forever home as stated BUT it is only 11 days since it popped. I will try the replant and let you all know how goes. It’s just weird to me if it was a soil or PPM or heat or anything else? Why no issues with the others right next to it? I guess it’s 6 days older and wants to play!! Lol.

Thanks all of you for the input. !! :sunglasses:


Seedlings don’t need water every day in soil, definitely not for 11 days. Let her dry up. That soil the wilted girl is in is soaked through compared to the others. Give her a couple/few days.

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I would put ur par up to at least 200-220 as for the wilting looks like over watering to me

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You got holes in the bottom of those pots to let excess water out? Looks over watered too me.

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Looks like it might potentially be an overwatering issue. Be sure to let the soil dry-cycle between waterings.

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I understand the over water issue as it appears. It is just literally three squirts of 5.8 ph water around the edges in the am. That’s it. Once again the other 2 were watered exactly the same way have 0 issues. I have replanted as suggested from earlier posts advice and will wait and see. Thanks again to everyone. I will let ya know if that replant and drying for a couple days works out. :sunglasses:

Hmmm I see yellow leaves indicating it may need feed, but upon further inspection with my glasses on, I see brown patches, which reminds me of leaf Septoria but it’s hard to say on a plant that small. You got issues for sure as nothing looks really healthy one looks like it needs feed, one looks burnt up etc.

If it ain’t the water, and it ain’t the dirt then you may be correct and it’s some type of fungus. Honestly my opinion is to not waste any more time with them and toss them out. Then sterilize the area and change the dirt and report new seeds. Good luck!

Ok everyone. As indicated on this thread I would replant and check water and ph levels. PH 6.90, no RO readings- seedlings. To review it seemed to be an over water issue from the pics I put in the forum. I will include the 3/19/22 photos for your examination. The one questionable one with the wilt, I cut the top leaves as they got dry and shriveled up. At the 4th node. After that intervention you see the result. Leaves are canoeing and some different colors. Medium FFOF, that’s it for nutes at this point. PAR @ 200.

Please let me know if something you see to be an issue. Puzzling was the other two seedlings were doing great. Hence the inquiry to the smart folks on this forum, WHICH , I love you all.

What kind of soil are you in?

FFOF is the soil. The wilted plant has recovered with canoeing. BUT it is much better as the pics show. I will start nutes at about 4 weeks with the FF trio.

I wish I had some advice. But I think just ride it out, and let her recover is what I would do.

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