Need some addvice please

please excuse my spelling.iv downloaded the bible read so much but still have a few be honest i have a few lerning probs and dont want to sound like a idiot.its my first time grow i just love weed and just want to grow my own nice stuff.i think ive got a good idea on how to do it but realy would love and apreteciate some advice on a few if anyone could please get back thanks.

That is what we’re here for.

thanks for getting back thats real good to hear iv been reading so much and dun my own head in i hope i dont ask to much and understand that the best way to know is to grow but i just want to know a bit more in more detail.i dont know where to start im worried about how i tell its time to transplant,when do i start to prun.also things like how much perlite to soil do i worried about if i need to put a surport stick in how far do i insert it into the soil will i damedge the roots do i insert it next to the stalk or near the edge of the pot.
also im just gonna use tap water and im gonna just let it sit for a day be for i use it.and how long can i use that water b4 it should be gonna keep it coverd and it will be keept indoors.sorry to go on.

If you are worried about chlorine, yes, letting it sit out overnight is good, after that, water doesn’t really go bad so you can use it as long as you’d like. You might not need a support stick depending on how you prune and train your plants. I wouldn’t worry to much about a lot of pruning or training the first time as you need to see how the plant grows and what grows and what turns into what to be able to know what you can or can not cut away. Also i would avoid transplanting, start in the container you are going to finish in after the seed has germinated and is stable.

thanks for that i was real worried about transplanting what a relief.can i tell you about my set up ive got a 4ft by 4ft tent and a cfl 250w and a 600w hid and a extactor fan suking air in one hole up top with one intake at the bottom shall i keep the tent zipped up all the time.also i was thinking of using the 250w cfl from seed up untill i want to flower and then swaping to the 600w hid is that ok.

You can do that; As long as you have an adequate ventilation system.

Invest in an RO unit. about 80 bucks on ebay. Then you never have to worry about water quality again.

I try to give my plants as much light as I can, and I have never been able to give them too much light. It is all about keeping the temperatures in range; As well as the humidity

cool thanks for that ill let you know how i get on