Need hints on how to use co2 tank in tent

Help on how to use co2 properly

Very carefully. Be aware that CO2 can and will migrate from it’s source and being heavier than air, it will hug the ground. Enough of it can be a safety hazard. Especially if located in an occupied dwelling.

Watch the news. Every winter families get CO2 poisoning.

The upside…IS…CO2 is great for plants!!!

edited: CO n CO2 both kill

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I bought all the Co2 stuff and didnt use it lol. Plants still came out amazing.

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CO and CO2 arent the same thing.

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@Familyman I didnt even catch the carbon monoxide reference. yes co is carbon monoxide. Very bad. Co2 however is a vital gas for both plant and animal life. Co2, carbon dioxide, is a guardian of ph balance in your blood. Too much is bad yes, but your not gonna die from a co2 machine in another room.
To be truthful, your plants give off co2 at night and oxygen during the day. I’m alive, and I grow in my room lol.

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I drank a soda and I’m still alive.