Need help with the hydraulics

A question of a fellow grower:
My first grow setup will consist of 6-5gal buckets with 6" baskets and a 27 gal. HDX tough storage tote serving as the reservoir.
I will not be utilizing a "top off " reservoir as I plan on making complete nutrient exchanges every 7 days for this run. just to be safe.

The buckets will be spaced evenly in two rows of three with the reservoir setup outside of the 60" x 60" x 80" grow tent.

I will run 2" PVC out of both sides of the Reservoir and then through each of the three buckets in line with the respective side of the reservoir.

This will terminate into a manifold at the rear of the tent with a 1" line returning down the middle of the buckets that will be attached to an Active Aqua 1000 GPH

Water pump that will refill the reservoir creating a high volume negative flow RDWC system.

My question is this, what metric is used to determine the volume of nutrient flow necessary to support this system as described?
And can I cycle the system? Maybe 5 min. on and 10 min. off???

Yes you can effectively cycle the circulation pump. Just need separate timer Most pumps are capable of cycling entire volume of nutes in less than 10 minutes

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