Need help with severe headaches CBD or THC

My girlfriend has severe headaches once a month yeah that time of the month. She needs recommendations for a gummie I can make or she can buy. All help is greatly appreciate it.
She doesn’t smoke.

Have you started a grow yet?
Here’s a link to the edibles gummy thread.

Not my cbd. Currently have Durban poison in 4th week of flower and green crack in seedling/veg. @Covertgrower thanks for link.

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I’ve suffered migraines and cluster headaches for decades and frankly never found any cannabis to be helpful. I have not tried the full spectrum of CBD though and if I were experimenting would want a full spectrum of THC to CBD to work with. Dosing is going to be the other issue as it seems the user needs to have a ‘loading dose’ in their system for it to be effective. That means daily intake whether ill or not.