Need help with a Spot on a few leaves

This is Ilg OgK FAP5
Growning in bucket with general hydroponics flora series ph good do not have tester for ppm
Temp 75-78 led light sorry can’t think of nothing else

Is it the Flora trio ? And how much are you using per gallon of each

How does the plant look in natural light?

Pics in natural light are a must for diagnoses. Then you will get the proper remedy from the good folks here. I am always interested in learning about plant diseases, deficiencies and insect identification. So will be waiting for the others to reply.

Please provide all the information you can below. This is referred to here as a support ticket. If there are any fields you don’t know the answer to, simple put “N/A” in that field.

Seed Strain:
Type(Normal, Feminized, Autoflower):
Medium(soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco):
pH of runoff or solution in reservoir:
Strength of nutrient mix(EC or PPM):
Indoor or Outdoor grow:
Light system and power:
Temperature(Day, Night):
Humidity(Day, Night):
Ventilation system(Yes, No, Size):

Looks like a water droplet burn. I look forward to reading the ticket.


Looks like either water or nutes dropped on leaves as sixpackdad said

Thank you I went on vacation and left them with my son he must of dropped some on there :blush::blush::blush:


Update lol my son dropped ph tester solution on them :tired_face::exploding_head::joy:


LMAO! Happy to hear!

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