Need help! Crunchy bleach stained leaves?

Hey everyone, need some help.
my 2nd grow 4 jungle boys divorce cake.
day 34 flower
ffof soil 5 gal fabric pots
general hydroponics nutes every other water.
They get watered every 3 days so nutes about every 6.
3 mars hydro ts600
lights 18” above tallest branches top nug.
some of the leaves are getting dry, crunchy and stains? almost like bleached.
I did have problems with thripe bugs in veg idk if that had an effect?
Not enough nutrients?
Temps in tent light on 72-76, 60-62 lights off.

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Older leaves tend to die off as the plant progresses.
Everything else looks ok so it may just be normal growth and ageing.
Deficiencies tend to present in a larger way.


Temps are a little low and can attribute to colors. Beautiful looking plants


Yes they are just beautiful!!! Love the sea.