Need expert opinion QUICK AS POSSIBLE PLEASE

Will it stress my plants to put them back under a MH BULB for a week to replace the HPS BULB. That went out after a week. My plants were put on the HPS BULB and placed on 12 hrs dark time for 1week Before that they were under the MH BULB FOR 2 months I just swapted them to start flowering. And they are. Starting to hair upBUT… I have to order replacement. (It is under warranty and will be replaced It takes s week. I am gonna get a replacement jus nov over night!! Will this affect my plants? Just gonna leave the timer on 12/12 I turned the ballast down to 50%. OR… would it be best for the plants to stay in total darkness until I get the replacement HPS bulb. Really hope to get something for a response!! These are my babies; Super skunk, bigbud, chocolope,amnesia haze. Planted. Jan1 this year. Jus love these babies too much. Don’t wanna hurt them or stress them

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they should be fine just leave light on same shedule


Yep as long as you don’t change your lighting times they should be fine . Good luck

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Also , turn the ballast up to 100%… :wink:
u have no worries… lol
Change out bulb when new one comes…
Nice looking ladies by the way… :wink:
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@Travmatt get everything lined out

No. I am really stressed! I don’t have the $ to ship the bulb back to growace right now so I’m waitin till the 3rd of the month for my disability check to return for replacement! Just totally depressed !! Since JAN 1 a lot of time and love went to these babies But… I have no choice I have to use the MH bulb until I can replace it. I was in flower only a week they were taking off NOW. They will be under the MH bulb for almost 3weeks when I get the HPS Bulb back. I need at least 60 days of flowering so… that will be about a 1/3 of the flowering time under the MH bulb. If they are still with me when I get the bulb they will finish on the HPS SO… Doyou think they will be ok till I can replace the bulbs out ?? Do ya think I just lost this grow? Is there any hope of salvaging it? I’m just disgusted with this situation!! That is where I’m at !! WHAT DO YOU THINK??

A lot of growers use a mh bulb in flower in till the stretch is over to help with maxi4growth beforw.swotching over to a hps bulb. If that helps

You can do entire flower under MH if you have to just results in taller plants with a bit more airy buds they smoke just fine but I would suggest a little thinning. You will want to reduce energy wasted on lower limbs and keep best kola’s in optimum light since they are stretching lower limbs will have very little bud on them and sap energy. With less red spectrum you’ll want all the energy you can get. Anything under top 2/3 should go

I actually heard some people use MH in flower to trick the plant to increase production of trich or THC - not sure if it has science behind it… but it made sense at the time.

At very end since MH emits UV not much but yes it does boost resin production in theory

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Well I supposed to get to HPS bulbs back from Growace Friday My plants have been idling for the last couple of weeks As you said the plants buds are really thin. All 4strains. I sure hope that my harvest isn’t wasted time!!! Anxiety is bout to put me down. So… will these plants put on some weight after I put the HPS back on them for the harvest?? They have still got a little over a month before harvesting What do you think? Here are a few pics to let you see them Also 1 more question Is the last picture a HERMIE? I’ve had it outside Please tell me all you can bout my situation Thankyou <img src=“/uploads/growingmarijuana/original/3X/1/c/1cec214f5631790294f07bd698ccbd9e07ffe27b.JPG” width=“375” height=“500”>

They should fatten up some yet they don’t look even close to being done yet

i was told to ask the experts… So my plant has what looks like a calcium problem so i guess my question is the runoff tds was 900 and the PH was like 4.5 i flushed with 20 gal. of 7.0 ph. water. after the flush the ph is 5.8 and the td’s is 58 so what do i do about the tds being so low. dose tds Measure nutrients do i have to feed it and what? the plant is flowering i have pic’s on my forum

You still have a while to go and I didn’t see anything that would make me think you have a hermi…
Your all good for now , quite stressing… :wink:

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Add an @Donaldj to your thread so I can get more history on your plants but typically if you flush you feed a light feed on final flush once goal is met. Not knowing the soil strain or details I have little to go on here.

Can you please tell me what is happening. They were lookin healthy and … leaves fading to yellow and brown. Or rust Coker’s spots. That is drying up the tricomes! Here’s s pic.

here’s another one. 2 out of 12 have done this. What do you think?

What are your temps and humidity like?
3-4 weeks into 12/12?
what’s your run off ph like?
looks to me like heat stress or Calcium def but need more info