Need another set of eyes, opinions on harvest ready

12 week old blue dream auto. I think she needs more time, looking for other opinions. Thanks in advance.


I see some amber trichs, but they are all on sugar leaves. Likely a week or so to go, but hard to tell unless you can get more magnification in the trichome pics. Do you have this?


How long has she been in flower?

A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp

Sure looks close. I agree - more magnification.

They look very close.

Thanks. Are these any help. Having trouble getting any good shots today…

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Yes, somewhat. I’m going to stick with my “a week or so” estimate. I use this as a quick ref when looking at trichs:

  1. Clear trichs look like glass
  2. Cloudy trichs look like plastic
  3. Amber trichs look… well amber

Cheers and happy growing!

Edit: Based on what kind of buzz you are looking for. She’s about in the max THC area of the guide.


I think @Newt has you covered. Looks like almost all cloudy, with Amber on sugar leaves. Pretty much down to how high you want to be now.

Beautiful :heart_eyes: trichomes pics. It’s cloudy so if you want the highest thc is time now if you want some body high go 50% amber 2weeks

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Depends on what you’re looking for out of it. Right now she’s at her peak for thc.

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Thank you everyone!!!

get a better microscope and few more weeks yes but they look good. @De1 This is the hardest task in all of growing is waiting Don’t over water over feed under light over light trim to much…etc… We just harvested 1st plant I was lie a expectant Dad running to and fro each day checking the plants. Patience is a key Jedi mind tricks are needed here