Need advise can anyone help!

Changed reservior last night numbers were good PH5.9 Tds 785 this morning check they were crazy PH 6.4 TDS 1040 WTF!! 20 gal res used silica and Jack’s ro blend. Man thats crazy! @Low @MidwestGuy @Retiredoldguy

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Did the temps of the solution change? Any change of appearance? Idk much about the RO blend

Silica is crazy alkaline. Are you pHing your feeds?


Yes i am. Mixed everything in the afternoon, Silica, Jacks, epson. Let mix for 3 hrs with pond pump. Cherry pie plant has a massive root system that is almost to raise basket out of tote. Noticed that it’s roots are a little brown, so sprayed with some peroxide. Air stones in tote are totally engulfed in root system. Oh yeah there in 17 gal totes.

No temps were about 67*. I use Power si for my silica.