Need a solution for water feeds

Hi everyone. I have an indoor room I’m just finishing up. I need to use multiple devices that need a water feed. My humidifier, watering system and water filter all have 1/4" connectors. I have one working 3/4" cold water pipe and need to connect these 3 devices. I purchased a water manifold that has 1 in and 4 out as pictured. The problem is I can’t get it to seal without leaking a little bit. I used Teflon tape at first, but it still leaked. I redid the Teflon and added some pipe dope but it’s still a small drip leak. I also don’t want to use a self tapping kit (ice maker style kit). Does anyone have a good solution for this issue? Unfortunately I can’t have a plumber come in and have to DIY it. Thanks for the help!?


Try one more time with the cheap thin Teflon tape , With a small amount of pipe dope under the tape. If that don’t get it I would take it back.They make a thick and a thin tape.
Good luck :v:

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Sounds like you know your chit. I’d go with some RTV silicone.

It’s food grade.


Good suggestions above.

Did you check to see that gasket is inside? They will often fall out, or not be there in the first place. Sometimes there will be very thin cheap one installed too.


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Are you sure you put the Teflon tape on in the right direction? It matters…if you did try another wrap or 2 or 3

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@dbrn32 @Budbrother

Thanks all. There were a set of rubber gaskets that came with the unit. After taking it apart to try again, I noticed that the gasket was compressed too much and tore. I ended up doing it all over again minus the gasket and it seems like the leaking has stopped.

This setup is still making me uncomfortable. I just feel like this will flood the house at some point. Does anyone know the proper way/best practice to do this type of setup?


Clockwise, yes. Thank you for chiming in!

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Glad yer getting it sorted out, you’d be surprised how many people put the tape on wrong. Maybe hit the hardware store for new/better gaskets and put a thin layer of vaseline on them?

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