Ne help as to how long she has left?

Hey all…hoping for a bit of help with anyones thoughts…much appreciated!!!
I am wondering how much longer she needs to go.
It is wwa ilgm
Thnx a bunch…


Too many white pistols she is still building bud. At least couple weeks but looking very good my friend :smile:


Right about wat i was thinking myself…ty kindly for your thoughts


3 weeks minimum, looks to be at about week 4/5 of flower. If I remember correctly, WWA is an 8-10 week strain. I grew a lot of WWA for a couple of years.

Wait til 1/2 the white hairs turn to brown then start using loupe to look at bud trichs to determine when to harvest.

That is a nice looking grow, congrats!


Ditto. Plus she is going to start getting fat!

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Question: Your fourth picture from the top seems to show one of your cola’s almost touching what appears to be your grow light. Whats with that?

BTW here is a photo I took this am of a Bubbilicious I am about to harvest. 91 days from germination. Different strain I know, but look VERY carefully at your plant before you harvest.


Yes i had a tie down pop loose wen pic was taken…nice observation…here they r now

As you can see space is limited in mu setup!

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Looking beautiful!!!

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Looking very nice. Buds will continue to thicken.

When ~80-90% of your white hairs turn brown, then look at the trichomes carefully under magnification for harvest time suited to your needs. You may have this, but here it is for your reference.

Keep up the great work.


@Northerngreenthumb how are they looking now that it has been a week since you posted those pics

Heres sum new pics as if today…they surely getting bigger


Noticed a bit of foxtailing on one of the main colas

Wat do yas think???

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They are going to be super fat in 2 more weeks when you chop them.

Looking very nice. As was said, at least 2 more weeks. What is the condition of the trichomes? All clear?

Keep up the great work; you will be rewarded nicely for your patience.

Mine are 10 weeks from seed today, the WWs are about done, maybe another week or so, but the AHaze and BB have like 2-3 weeks left.

How are yours doing?

pulled 1 n heres the rest right now…jus potted new seedlings today lol