My seedling was decapitated

help my week and a half plant got decapitated will it survive. the stem is still planted, so i planted the 4 leaves that got chopped off next to it. HELP

If you lost her true leaves and cotyledons (embryonic leaves) then shes likely a lost cause and if possible id try again sorry to be the bearer of bad news

thank you very much for the feedback. yea she was growning so beautiful, i was lowering the light and it slipped from the chain and chopped everything but them stem… TERRIBLE! but thanks again

Absolutely, my pleasure if you need any help that’s what im here for

Sorry for your loss…

Have you considered getting some light ratchets, I find them easy to use, to me it makes adjusting things easy and probably safer…

Just something that may prevent such a tragedy in the future… It is so sad when the little ones go…

thank you as well and will definitely use those on this next go around … those chains def screwed me!!


thanks a bunch

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Not a problem

If you still have the top it might be worth a shot to treat her like a clone and see if she will re-root. Ya never know!

At that young no lol @bob31 they dont have the hormones available to be able to re root at such a young age

yeah, i thought i could re plant too but It was way to young. sad but no biggie got some seeds in route

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My bad I thought it was three and a half weeks. Have to get new readers, lol @Majiktoker

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