My Plants Won't Grow

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I have well water, I also run thru filter. I have rainwater that’s been PH’d to 5.5 -6.5. I have distilled water as well. All 3 have been used. This is extremely frustrating as I follow the instructions & video on site & have double checked thru Utube 2.

I 've lost a month in time with them & only 1 grew fully into a plant as u can see. others started tap roots of assorted lengths & I planted them in cups of Happy Frog, Miracle Gro Organic potting soil or both combined. Daytime: they are uncovered. Evening: They are covered with the plastic containers u see there 2 set up greenhouse effect & keep warm. Still they fail 2 make it. I want to have a successful grow but something is preventing that from happening. I want 2 get at root of problem. Any suggestions?

Do you have holes in the containers so the roots can breathe?

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Just got back into growing myself, but I read something and tried it out. The article said that some store bought soil is to hot for tap roots. They suggested flushing the soil to lower the nutrients, since sprouts do not need any thing except water and an loose soil to breath. I planted two sprouts, one in flushed soil and one in soil out of the bag. Both were in a Dixie cup with holes in the bottom and the same strain and soil. Sure enough, I lost the one I in the unflushed soil. Only had two seeds, so now I’m growing just one plant. Which is totally fine, since she gets all my attention. Just something I read that turned out to work. Maybe you can try this and it will help. Best of luck.


Keep soil moist but not saturated. Poke holes in the bottom of containers. check ph of soil in the middle to bottom of container. Very little to no nutrients till seedlings hit veg state, seedlings has more than enough natural nutrients to get them by till beginning veg state. Personally if it was me, I wouldn’t cover them at all, some home made green house effects becomes b-b-q’s for newborn and weak seedlings. If you are using Miracle Grow nutrients during veg state you will get much better results using HALF as what they instruct. Too many growers burn their plants to death out of love and care. Also after germination, check the depth of the hole you place the seed. Today may be 1/4 to 1/2 in deep 3 days later water will force the seed down deeper depending on how light the potting soil is. Good luck Happy growing.


If it were me I would purchase some seedling soil which is designed for plants just starting out (they don’t have nutrients added) when you put the seed its starter container you won’t really need to water it until after the seedling pops out of the soil, even then it isn’t going to need much water. I typically only mist the soil with a spray bottle to keep the soil moist I don’t actually water it. I’ve never had an issue with seedlings sprouting. Just my thoughts.


TY all that have responded. 4 holes r made in bottom of cup 4 drainoff. Initially, After filling cup with dirt I soak thoroughly (semi Flush) & then clear a 1/plant seed. I have even tried root riot plugs in center of cup 2 isolate from soil figuring by time tap pokes thru it’s ready 4 nutrients.Now that these have failed. I have left cups out in rain 2 further flush. Covering 4 greenhouse effect was only at night wen temp dropped 2 40’s

from what I’ve read and understand roots do not like light it looks like you’re using see through cups you might want to try using the colored cups so light can’t penetrate to the roots just a thought good luck

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If I understand you correctly it seems you are giving it to much water. Also your plants will not need any nutrients for a little while, the very 1st set of leafs that emerge have nutrients stored in them to sustain the plants growth for a period of time. (I personally don’t give them nutrients until the 5th set of true leafs)
If you are trying to save the current grow I would hold off on the water and mist the top of the soil just to keep it moist. Or try to replant into new soil that hasn’t been soaked.
If you are starting over with new seeds this is what I do and has worked every time I’ve done it. I use the paper towel method.
Moisten a few paper towels in distilled water PH balanced to 6.5 and fold the paper towel a few times. Place the seed between the paper towels and place on a paper plate and cover with another paper plate.
Check it every so often to be sure the paper towel stays moist. Check it 24 hours later if there is a tap root sticking if not cover it back up.
Once a tap root has emerged plant it into some moistened seedling soil about an inch down or up to your first knuckle. (I use peat pots but cups work just fine)
Mist the soil to keep it moist. Once it pops up continue to use a spray bottle and mist the soil.
I usually use the spray bottle to water my seedlings. Sometimes I’ll soak it a little to make sure the soil is moist down towards the tap root.
I’m just letting you know what has worked for me personally. Everyone does it a little different.
Happy growing :+1:


You shouldn’t be feeding at that small and could you remove the picture with the labeled baggie please and thanks

Sure. How do I remove?

TY Have dun so previously & just switched because a Utuber did presentation with fogged cups. Thought I’d try.

I have dun the seed soak & wen tail appears I switch 2 the wet napkin(s) 2 allow further growth b4 planting. The 1 u see in pot growing was transplanted there wen it was 2"s tall. TY 4 ur feed bak.

Edit your post and delete that upload if you need help ask ill be happy to help you out my friend

2" long tap root is pretty lengthy. (Not to say it wouldn’t work cause obviously you had success with that plant) but I typically only let it get an inch at the most but that’s just me. I feel the longer it is the more risk of damaging it when transplanting it to the soil.


I’m only a beginner I have read so much I cant remember were I read that I hope I was right good luck with your grow I hope everything works out

How often are you watering and what are the temps outside where you keep them ?
If your getting tap roots it’s something your doing after planting them @rgvg
@Majiktoker was referring to pictures in first post second picture shows seed bag he wanted that removed they frown on pictures of the label of baggie FYI

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No! Plant was 2’ not tap root :slight_smile:

I used pic I submitted 2 ILGM & they directed me 2 here. Used pic, now removed.

Picture was removed because of showing labeled baggies

Regardings Frosted cups. I just transplanted an AK47 Xtrm from cup 2 planter as u can see. Apparantly cups are fogged enuf 2 allow groth. Thnx anyway Eric2:-)