My outdoor green house grow

I started 4 plants inside in June moved them outside in July The indica hybrids have been flowering since early August
The sativa hybrids started flowering 2 weeks ago


Sorry doubled up on photo

Here’s a sativa hybrid got the seed for this from some despensery bud


These plants outgrew my greenhouse so I had to build a bigger one over it and remove the smaller one
I should have only planted 2 plants instead of 4


The sativa hybrid in the background has been bent down a few times and is still 7ft tall
It just started flowering last week I did no pruning on it just some gentle bending but ran out of room to train it anymore

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Had some lower buds on branches laying on the ground some I tyed up to upper branches and a few I clipped hope I didn’t stress her out too much I was worried about bud rot with them being on the ground