My new Grow Hulkberry AKA Bruce Banner #3 and North Thunderfuck

Now It’s time to try High THC Photoperiod strains I’ve just germinated Hulkberry AKA Bruce Banner #3 and North Thunderfuck.

They’re in moist paper towels right now awaiting taproots to grow quarter of an inch so I can plant them into small transplanter pots.

I will update my journal regularly with Pictures just as with my previous Successful First time grow of Speed Plus.

Training techniques I will use in this grow :seedling:

Fimming (a Topping method to produce multiple main colas), Lollypopping, Low Stress Training and High Stress Staining , SCROG net.

Will Try to achieve 8 main colas per plant.

Lighting Schedule will be 18-6 and 12-12 for Flowering.

Follow back if you’d like to see how I’m doing and maybe help especially with Topping part.

Thanks in Advance and have a Good Day To You All.

2 Day’s later and I’ve got 100% germination with both seeds sprouting at around 44th hour in the moist plastic baggy.

Fast forward 4 hours. The photoperiod seeds are planted into small transplanter pots.

I’ve used 70% Coco-Coir 30% Perlite mix and planted the seeds Taproot down at a depth of about an Inch.

Then I’ve sprayed the top with Ph’d water and also sprayed the dome cover to make sure the high humidity conditions are met.

I’ve placed the pots in the grow tent Temp receiving pots at 26C or 78F covered the pots with a plastic dome and closed the tent to let it germinate for 24 hours in complete darkness.